Grey’s Anatomy 13×12 Promo “None of Your Business” (HD) Season 13 Episode 12 Promo

Alex… I’ve been looking for you! What happened? Are you in hiding? Your are first up. No. No? No. She is the residency director. I do not support this. Get in line. I’m not going to get in line. Go home, Dr. Grey. Immediately. Oh my god! New Grey’s Anatomy, next Thursday 8/7c on

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42 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy 13×12 Promo “None of Your Business” (HD) Season 13 Episode 12 Promo

  1. April is either going to take Meredith position or Richard's position temporarily, because those 2 are the ones that are probably going to give Eliza a hard time. And Bailey probably has to suspend one of them or even both.

  2. Meredith Grey is single-handedly the most annoying character in this entire show. Does she actually think she's god? Bitch you ain't untouchable. If Minnick is in charge and she's telling you what to do, then fucking listen to her. She always gives everyone the biggest amount of attitude and it's disgustingly infuriating

  3. I'm glad Meredith is getting less screen time. I don't like this version of her; she's been acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum when it comes to Minnick.

  4. She has. Derek's 15 million. And Her 15 million. And part of Lexis 15 million. So technically she has let's say 37.5 million dollars ish

  5. Yes Meredith! Support your people! Tell Minnick she needs to get on board! Change requires baby steps, not an complete overtake. It's called collaboration. I honestly like what Meredith is doing… it's called loyalty, simple as that. I mean if someone was trying to take my friend's job (friend of 13 years) , you better believe, I'm doing everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen. We going to war.

  6. I don't know why people are hating on MER, I love her!!! She's my top favorite character on Grey's. I honestly can't stand April, Liked her in the beginng and in the middle but now i'm at the point where i skip any part that shes's in,.

  7. I bet Deluca dropped the charges. Probably for Jo's sake. That's the only explanation. If Alex took the plea he'd be in custody and if he didn't his case wouldn't be indefinitely postponed.

  8. Yes, Meredith does still own the hospital and sits on the board as does Arizona and Richard but I've noticed that Shonda has a tendency to forget these things when it doesn't suit where she wants the show to go. I've spent my whole life in hospitals and NO HOSPITAL is run like that!!!

  9. Okayyy it seems like merdeith thinks shes better than everyone and she was only ever nice to alex and izzie and derek but thats it. Shes gotten meaner as the show goes on

  10. Meredith needs to call a hospital wide meeting and say "the name of the hospital is GREY SLOAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL" in memory of my sister and the love of her life Mark. Meredith needs to be like "I'm not getting in line because bailey wants me to, BTW bailey I voted for u to be the chief CHECK YOURSELF OKAY"

  11. Bailey is digging her own grave…she has a seat on d board and is d chief of surgery bt supporting minick means going against Webber,robbins,Grey,kepner,avery and pierce n d fact dat 4 out of 6 of these doctors own d hospital… n even though Catherine might be d one who gave d majority of the money to the hospital she herself made Jackson the chairperson which means he can veto any decisions made by anyone because he holds d power…

  12. Why the hate on Meredith. She's fighting for her family. Richard is like her dad and she is defending him no matter what. That's what you do for family. It's him who needs to grow up and admit his teaching methods are terrible and they need to change.

  13. Does anyone else think that Richard is being extremely immature in the last episode?

    The lot of them, Richard and the attendings are acting like children.
    Richard is trying to make seem like the new doctor is the worst thing to happen to the hospital when she is there to help the residents learn better as at the moment they aren't really allowed to do much besides watch, and only watching means they aren't increasing their skill level, meaning that in an emergency or a situation where the attending can’t be there the resident(s) can’t help save someone life because they don’t have the skills they should've already learnt, this can be seen with Leah in the last episode.

    Eliza Minnick is a threat to Richard not anyone else, he is acting like a child.

  14. Are people not paying attention? Richard is NOT against change, nor is he against working with or under Eliza (and in fact he was against shutting her out until she started acting like a bitch). Bailey dove in headfirst without so much as consulting with the board (which would be grounds for dismissal from her post in the real world), and Eliza is a passive-aggressive bitch who is quite frankly a disruption in the OR at this point. The only problem Richard has with this whole situation is that Eliza's hiring was poorly handled. Bailey's created a Gordian Knot and thinks she can just cut right through it without leaving it in a million pieces when all she needs to do is step back and say, "This is what's happening, let's find a way to make it work."

  15. Seriously Bailey need to get kicked in the ass! Wrong move make her the new chief. She has always been jealous of Meredith and now she behaving like a real bitch. She is nobody in that hospital,and should treat the real owners with a little bit more of a respect instead of going around and service Catherine Avery like a slave.

  16. They are all acting like a bunch of spoiled brats, including Arizona who I love more than anyone on this show and is the only reason I watch some days. Bailey and Catherine decided that the hospital needed help, and they are all so resistant to change that they look like a bunch of assholes. Treating Eliza like crap because Webber is sulking is pathetic. Webber is well past his expiration date anyway. And with them all fighting then Arizona/Eliza is never going to happen LOL. Bailey needs to put her foot down, when Webber was chief this would have never happened, they not only show a lack of respect for Bailey but for the hospital. Webber's not exactly being fired!

  17. No,Meredith owns half the hospital so she shouldn't be kicked out of the hospital like she is basically the owner so she basically is the boss so it's the bottom that is standing above the top instead of her talking over someone above her.

  18. my fav character it isnt Mer but i dont know why all the hate. after all since the beginning of the series we knew it was more about her. plus i think she doesnt act like that becoz she owns part of the hospital i think is the character personalityi think. correct if am wrong. plus HELLO who wouldnt jump if they are judging your skills and more if you a doctor and have been for quiet a time. i like the storyline not bad.

  19. i am still confuse as two is who is suppose to be arizona's love intrest is it this new eliza chick, but it looks like arizona is siding with richard so i geuss that won't happen, the only other option would be leah but have not seen any sign of that either? did shonda lie to us or something?

  20. Please don't take Meredith's job, April. I mean come on, Meredith basically owns the damn hospital and now Bailey is suspending her??? I don't get why April said yes. It wasn't helping Webber and she isn't a general surgeon ? Can she even keep the job? Anyway, I am not loving this choice Bailey. I love April but I am always on Meredith's side.

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