GRIP (Nintendo Switch) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popping games in this video we’re gonna be unboxing GRIP air
blades vs. rollers Ultimate Edition for the Nintendo switch and we see the front
cover right here with the vehicles and up here we see the edition again and it
says includes three garage DLC packs and one artifex vehicle pack and
down below we see that the game is rated E 10 plus and it’s developed and or
published by our good friends at Wired productions and now moving onto the
spine we see a red spine and from the top we can tell that this is a y-fold
copy and on to the back it says combat racing turned upside down, grip Ultimate
Edition is the award-winning arcade combat racer reloaded featuring classic
heavily armored rollers battling it out with deadly antigrav air blades, racers
experience an intergalactic tour that’s even faster, more devastating and packed
with more vehicles and mind flipping circuits than ever before and here we
have three shots of gameplay which say explosive combat, real Mach speeds and 29
futuristic tracks and down here we also see includes Garage Pack 1
garage pack 2 garage pack 3 and artifex pack and it says wired
productions code inside for reward and down to the play modes the game is one
to two players in docked and tabletop mode and single player in handheld mode
it’s pro controller compatible, basic reading ability required and it
requires the online membership for online features it’s rated E ten
plus due to fantasy violence and in-game purchases and users interacting and
let’s go ahead and open this up all right so we see the game card on the
bottom right- and we have this information here as well as the code
which is on the front here for the Ultimate Edition DLC and this also opens
up to give you some instructions on how to redeem the code, on the back we have
the vehicle there again and I do not see an expiration date, all right and that
will do it for this unboxing of grip Ultimate Edition for the Nintendo switch
as always thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these
unboxings and if you enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting
subscribing and clicking that bell thanks for watching bye bye

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3 thoughts on “GRIP (Nintendo Switch) Unboxing

  1. I used to play Rollcage on PS1. I can't believe this series is still going. I might pick this one up for the nostalgia.

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