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James, how are you? Lovely to meet you. Oh, there’s a little team here! This is Stephanie. Another episode of Weekly Business Talk. What we’ve actually done is we have a half past six flight down to Southend, down in Essex, and we have traveled over to Marsh Farm where James Sinclair, a very successful businessmen – if you’re a business owner and you’re serious about growing your business, then this is the channel for you! None of this is theory, it comes from experience. Right now we’re filming in one of my actual businesses here in Essex; March Farm Animal Adventure Park – it just goes back to the power. Without these types of things like the podcast and doing the vlog, we wouldn’t have that opportunity. Down in Southend, going to Essex to see James Sinclair. How are you? Lovely to meet you. Oh, there’s a little team here! This is Stephanie – hiya, lovely to meet you – and Fred – hello Fred – hi – how you doing – nice to meet you! So there would be absolutely no way that James would know who we are or we would even know who James is, and be able to offer him some sort of PR. What James gets from this, from being on the podcast and being on, sort of, camera and he does a lot himself, but we have a network as well that he is not tapped into it, he has a very large network that we want to tap into, and this collaboration and these partnerships and ways of networking allows you to kind of grow that, and all we’re doing by doing that is we’re tapping into each other’s networks and growing our individual businesses, and by bringing him to Scotland, we can do that even more so. You’re talking about playing games up for one day, free of charge business event forward up by a two, full-day intensive course in growing your business. The commercials involved in that are very exciting, as well, and it all started by us spending a couple hundred quid coming down to do a podcast, and the commercial side of it off the
back of it is huge, but not only that but managed to shake hands with clearly successful business owner. If you really want a successful business, focus your time on marketing and getting customers, because then you can afford to put the rest of the people in place. Well this is actually something – now you were very influential, James, in this hire of mine, you just met Stephanie there, Stephanie’s only been with me a few weeks, I’ve been toying with the idea – a few weeks, right, she’s been with us a few weeks and she – although I’ve been toying with the idea of an assistant for a number of months, but there’s always been that sort of, do I have enough for her to do, y’know, would she then be sitting idle, and how do you get the right one, there’s a discretionary and privacy element of it, so on and so on, but what is your thoughts, because I know you’ve got strong thoughts, on, as you just said there, those business owners that say, ‘I can’t afford these people,’ whether it’s admin, assistant, and they’re holding back because they don’t want to take something on – yeah, so what would you say – when I was 17 I had nothing, and I employed someone to do admin for me for 5 hours a day, ’cause I worked out that was gonna cost me 60, 70 pound a day back then, or 50 quid, whatever it was, that then gave me 5 hours to go and get customers – yeah – I think business owners need a bit of positive pressure on them – yes – I think they need, ‘right, I’ve got a salary now to find each and every single month,’ and here’s the other thing, don’t think about an annual salary, like, you know, pay someone 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand pounds a year. It’s divided by twelve, right, understand that, so you know, maybe you’re just gonna get the savings out for one month, but once you get your time back to go and do getting customers tasks, but sometimes people want to feel like they just wanna be busy being busy, and I just think that’s – come on, stuff off! Don’t think like that! Entrepreneurship plus management equals success – usually entrepreneurs are not great managers – yes – I am NOT a great manager, I would be the best manager you would ever have in a business for 20 minutes – yeah – and then I’m on to the next thing, y’know, you have to understand there’s a big correlating difference between leadership and management – yeah – and when you understand that then you
can really start to solve success, so when I – I was very lucky enough that I discovered the book Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson when I was 16, 17 and he basically gave me permission – he rewired my thinking from 17 years of being a kid to say that if you’re not good at something, just get someone else to do it – yeah – now when you’re growing up, you know, if you can’t do something you’re told if you don’t succeed try, try again, you know
that stuff is like pushed into us, so you know, the thing you need to be good at is breaking into market and getting people to know about you. That is a natural skilled talent of business ownership, entrepreneurship, that you need to get really good at, so you do need to learn that stuff. You need to know how to read a profit and loss, but you don’t need to put it together, so I couldn’t wait to employ people, Richard – like, so I just read that book at 16 and he’d say, y’know, he built teams. When you break down Richard Branson, really what he is so good at is building teams, not building companies, he builds teams, and if we reverse engineer any successful person… I’ve certainly found, although our business is going very nicely, it’s always there, you know, you have a great few months and you never need to worry about it, and then it comes back again, you get that little cash flow thing, you need to rally together, do you find after ten plus years in business that it’s just the same thing but on a slightly bigger scale in a different way, is it always like that, do people like these business owners need to accept that they’ve always going to have an eye on cash flow, they’ve always got to get new customers and get revenue in, that’s just part of the game – yeah, I mean the thing that will change your life is getting an FD, like a proper finance director that’s better than your accountant
that you have – right – that you use to do your books, so, y’know, that could cost you a lot of money, but that will change your life. So, we’ve just finished up – wrapped up a Weekly Business Talk with James Sinclair, basically spoke to James, a successful business owner, been in business for, probably near on, I think he said about fifteen years, and not talking about just they’re successful, but built upon multi-million pound business empire that consists of day nurseries, this adventure park which you can see round about us, and we just really had a really in depth conversation about entrepreneurialism, and how that being an entrepreneur is not for everybody, but he spoke about building a personal brand, we just spoke about the key people to hire, we spoke about all these things that we talk about in Weekly Business Talk that that people like to see, and it really goes back to what we spoke about in previous episodes – your net worth is a direct relation to your network, and what that effectively means is that the greater that your network is, the greater that you, your business, yourself as a salesman, how much you’ll earn and how much your wealth will be, so if you can increase that network not just in size, but in quality as well, you should absolutely every single day but working out the people round about me, how can I grow that customer base, how can I grow my network, and how can I then monetise off the back of it, as well as helping other people. Networking is business critical, is success critical – and the knowledge that I’ve already got by sort of shaking his hand and then interviewing him and sort of building the
start of that relationship, it really could – y’know, who knows exactly where it could go, but this is where business owners – this is exactly what they should be focusing on, is building this network, coming up with these – maximising the network, as well, to find new opportunities, and then sort of turning them into more commercial opportunities, as well, for your business – now whether that’s a a personal brand or whether that’s for the business that you’re involved in, that is what you should be doing within the business. You shouldn’t be – and we spoke about this in the podcast – we shouldn’t be, as entrepreneurs, spending our time doing all the admin stuff and the finance side of it, we should be spending our time growing the business by building relationships and creating opportunities. So already myself and James are speaking about – I do feel there is a severe lack of quality events in Scotland in particular where, y’know, there are some really good events, but when you compare it to other parts of England, and particularly London, there is not that many business owners attending these events with a view of actually growing their business, and so what we’re actually doing is not only putting our money where our mouth is and meeting these people, but we’re now talking about bringing James – James has a really successful weekend sort of entrepreneurship program, business program, what he calls his business masterclass, and we’re talking about actually bringing that to Glasgow for people in Scotland to get the real benefit from, so we discussed a whole lot, we’ve actually built a great partnership in what seems right now is very early stages, but what seems like a very good partnership which could lead to lots of opportunities.

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