Growth with Care: Port of Oakland Strategic Business Plan 2018-2022

Hi I’m Chris Lytle Executive Director of
the Port of Oakland. The past five years have been
gratifying for the Port. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’ve improved our performance
and grown our business. Now we’ve got a new strategy for the next five years. It envisions business expansion that will benefit both the Port and
our neighboring communities. We call it “Growth with Care.” With the support of our employees,
customers, and business partners we think this plan will guide us to a bright future. “Growth with Care” serves as a blueprint for
expansion into the next decade. The Port projects record aviation and
maritime business over five years. We expect more jobs and economic
stimulus in neighboring communities. And we’ll emphasize responsible growth
to minimize any environmental impact. Oakland cargo volume should reach
2.6 million 20-foot containers by 2022. Oakland International Airport will come to see
14 to 15 million passengers annually. Commercial real estate will focus on
keeping occupancy rates high and supporting nearby residential development
in the Port’s Jack London Square neighborhood. Growing our Port business
should lead to more hiring. “Growth with Care” has a ripple effect. Let’s hear from a few people whose jobs
are connected to our Port of Oakland. Franzl: Hi my name is Franzl and I’ve been
working at the Silver Dragon Cafe at the Oakland International Airport for about
a year and a half now and I love working here. Francisco: I’ve been here like
two years, almost three years. Since I got here, I mean, you can see a
lot of increase especially for the summer. It’s been crazy. Nat: It’s interesting to see what’s coming in and out of the Bay. So we’ve got giant ships
which are technological marvels and they’re coming in and out and you get to
push them and pull them with these tugboats. I’m excited to see 5, 10 years down the road
what this place is going to look like. Narrator: Reducing diesel emissions is
a major part of the Strategic Plan. By this summer the Port will deliver a new
Maritime Air Quality Improvement Program and the Port will make local hiring
a priority for filling jobs. More than 73,000 Bay Area jobs are
traced to the Port of Oakland. As our business grows, so will employment. Our strategy:
growth that’s sustainable and responsible. It will spur economic vitality and provide
more opportunity for Oakland and the East Bay. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪

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