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99 thoughts on “Guest Host Channing Tatum Interviews P!nk

  1. I loathe celebrities!! So lame. I look up to and admire God not channing tatum or pink. Celebrities r so full of themselves and cant get u into heaven and they dont love you or care about you like OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS. ALL PRAISE HIM. This world is a joke and ppl will find themselves in eternal suffering for idolizing these stupid humans.

  2. LOL… the things superstars have to deal with while raising kids! Bless your hearts for trying to raise them right!!! awesome!!!

  3. I absolutely love Pink’s music. But she is so entertaining and funny I find myself watching just about any interview or show she does

  4. Like 7 years ago my ex when I left him said you should never settle for anything less than Channing Tatum. lmfao I had to go find out who he was and damn he was right ????????

  5. There's something refreshingly honest about P!nk. She tells it like it is, with nothing to hide. And she seems like a nice, caring person as well.

  6. "It's like Tourette's for the f**k word!" ?????? This is why I love P!nk so much! She can poke fun at herself and she's so humble.

  7. When is Pink going to sing for the Superbowl. One of the powerful voices in US . and she doesn't lip sync!!!

  8. Fire Kimmel, Tatum is so much better at the interview and probably won't condescend and preach to middle America.

  9. Its funny cause i tell people all the time its terrets that causes me to swear a lot lol. I worked with a girl who was in a group home and terrets was one of her ailments. She would be talking normal then go into a f-bomb moment then slip right back into normal speech again. Sometimes the moments were a couple minutes other times it could be an hour or so. It was very u predictable. So we'd take them out for ice cream and half the time she'd go into her fbomb mode right when ordering ice cream. I loved that job. She was always cracking me up.

  10. Follow Jesus Christ and not the world. There are all sorts of worldly influences, know Jesus and follow HIM.

  11. I absolutely love Pink…she's so down to earth and I would love to meet her one day…I just ADORE her!

  12. P!nk is the most down to earth, natural UN-egotistical celebrity on the planet not to mention an incredible entertainer. Great interview segment.

  13. So uncalled for and now her kids are cursing too, yep real good role model and the dad telling the girl he drank beer and ate her candy.

  14. I did props builds for both the Descendants 2 and 3.
    Horrible movies.
    I pitty any parent forced to watch that more then once.

  15. Beautiful Trauma is such a stellar album. She’s always so honest and soul baring in her lyrics. It’s one of the reasons why I love her so much. And her musical composition, vocal signature and production quality is always phenomenal.

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