Have You Lost Control Of Your Business?

James Schramko here, and I’m going to be making
some very simple, unedited videos. There’s no ads, and I just want to make a
few points. Hopefully it’s helpful for you, so thanks
for watching. Today’s topic is, who owns your business? And this is particularly aimed at you if you’re
building too much of your business on someone else’s platform. You’ve heard me talk about Own The Racecourse. It’s free training you can get from SuperFastBusiness.com. I’ve been talking about this for over a decade
now. And it’s how I run my business. And the simple concept is, build your own
asset. Build your own asset that you control, and
you could sell if you want, or get people to work on with you. And the thing that inspired this video was
actually some marketer complaining about Facebook’s big changes. But we’ve seen this all before. Facebook, YouTube, AdWords, yada yada. Here’s the big surprise – if you’re on someone
else’s platform, expect it to change. You’re essentially partaking in their zone,
they control it, not you. You have no rights. So let’s lose this sense of entitlement. Let’s not reveal publicly how ridiculously
naive you are and complain to Facebook about what they’re doing. They can do whatever they want. I mean, the public is outraged at how much
privacy and control they’ve got access to. But is there really any surprise in this? I mean, If you think for a second that Facebook,
Google, Apple don’t know pretty much everything about you, then you’re living under some kind
of a rock. If you really want privacy, you’d have to
disconnect from all of these services and not carry a phone around with you. If you want to use their platform to partake
in business, then just know that it’s going to change. That is the thing, it will change, there’s
no question about it. And if you want to protect yourself, then
get a domain name or a website that you own, and build an email list. Sure, get people on multiple subscriptions. Build your YouTube channel, build your Facebook
page, build a Twitter following, build your Instagram followers, and build your email
list. And that way, when you push out an episode
of iTunes or a video, or you put your content on someone else’s platform, that’s bringing
people back to where you can control it. You can put your remarketing cookie on your
website. You can run ads to people. I mean, I like the idea that I can send an
email to all of my customers right now and communicate with them, whether Facebook’s
there or not. Now, if you had some kind of an app that relies
on Facebook, or even a chatbot, a lot of these do not work right now. Facebook’s just turned it off. Will it affect my business? Not at all. Should it affect yours? No, it shouldn’t. It should be a minor inconvenience, if anything. So there will be change. Just bank on change. That’s really my message. If you don’t own Facebook, and unless you’re
Mark Zuckerberg or a shareholder, you don’t, you can’t complain if they change the game. That’s what they do, they’re surviving, and
you are such a small player in that game. I mean, you’re the product, right? So, own the racecourse. If you want to brush up on the technique,
go over to SuperFastBusiness.com and check out my Own The Racecourse training. It’s absolutely free. I did a new update in 2017. And from now on, don’t put yourself out of
control. Take back control, and you will not be at
the whims and the mercy of the big players out there. You’ll just be participating. You know, get your book on Amazon. Get your podcasts on Apple. Get your fan page cranking. Get your Instagram happening. It’s all good, but don’t make that all you
do. I’m James Schramko. By the way, if you like this video and you’re
interested in more, I’ve got some more to share with you. I can make ones on everything from how to
do pay reviews with your team through to how to not feel guilty when you’re going to a
movie during the day, or good questions to ask on a podcast. I got all of these things I could cover, and
I’m feeling like I want to share some of this, raw, unedited, nice and simple. I look forward to your comments below this

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