Health and Safety in Small Business (1 of 5)

Farah, can you seat these two people? Absolutely, right away. So that’ll be four people at 7pm. And this category of bike is a lot lighter and a lot more efficient for you as well. Oh yeah. Ryan! Ryan! We need more cutlery and more teaspoons right away. Alright. Why would my restaurant need workers’ compensation coverage? I only hire students a few hours a week, and not even all year round. And I can’t afford the time to deal with all the paperwork anyways. Registering with WorkSafeBC is probably more important than you think, no matter how large or small your business. In fact, almost every employer in BC is required by law to register with WorkSafeBC. This even includes very small businesses that hire casual or seasonal workers. Registering is important because all workers are automatically eligible for compensation through WorkSafeBC, whether their employer is registered or not. If you are not registered and one of your employees is injured, you can be required to pay all compensation costs. To get more information about registering, visit And registering is easy, by phone or online. Remember, by registering with WorkSafeBC you are protecting your company. It’s just good business.

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