Hey there coaches, Carolin here and today
I want to talk to my health coaches. I don’t know if you knew this about me, but
I used to be a health coach myself and one of my biggest fears was how to compete against
this and this and this and the Weight Watchers and the Jenny Craigs and all of these online
fitness programs and the gym around the corner because guess what? All of these things are very low cost, so
one constant thought in my mind was, how can I offer high end services? How can I charge more? How can actually compete against all of these
fitness and health parks out there nowadays, but don’t give up on health coaching. Today, I want to give you three very specific
ways that you can still successfully charge premium prices as a health coach and compete
against the sea of low cost fitness programs. As always, before we get started, make sure
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in your coaching business. Have you thought about getting into health
coaching or maybe you are a health coach right now, but you’re struggling with a lot of competition
out there, with low cost fitness programs, with online subscription programs, with shakes
and supplements, and even the gym around the corner, and all these services, charging $20
a month, maybe $100 a month max? How can you compete against them? How can you as a health coach show that you
are worth to be paid $5,000, $10,000, or even more? Maybe you’ve been asking yourself this very
question, and if so today I want to give you three very specific ways that you can use
in your business right now as a health coach to set yourself apart, offer above and beyond
value that the market will see and appreciate, and the market will know that this is worth
the premium prices that you’ll be able to charge. Step number one is to beat them with personalization. Ask yourself, why do so many health programs
fail? Why do so many people have yoyo diets and
they go up and weight and they go down and weight and they can never really stick to
a plan and they can’t ever experience longterm health. Well I think it’s because most plans are very
cookie cutter. They’re very generic. They’re not personalized for that individual
person and therefore they really don’t fit into their lifestyle, their schedule or they
just don’t fit for their body chemistry and their body composition or their goals. You can even create customized programs for
a very specific avatar you might be choosing, such as younger women, older women, menopausal
women, midlife women, you know, there’s so many options for you in so many ways for you
to target and niche yourself in which will then allow you to create customized, personalized
solutions for that specific avatar. The low cost programs just don’t have the
bandwidth to create customized options for people. They’re looking at volume, they’re looking
at pumping out the CDs and the DVDs and you know, selling as many people as possible,
but you as a health coach can choose to target only specific people. Only work with a few people at a time, but
therefore highly customize your offerings and get them much better results. What I want you to do right now is take a
look at your offering in your health coaching business. Maybe you already have one. Maybe you’re creating one and now is the perfect
time for you to really assess how you can build in that level of customization and personalization
for your niche. Right? So think about the nutrition, supplements
you might be recommending, a variety of different movements and workouts you might be including. Think about mindset approaches to help them
achieve more mindfulness and what can you build into your program that gives you a levers
and options that you can include or exclude, dial up or turn down depending on their very
specific clients’ goals and needs. So go back to your program and see how you
can position it as a much more customized option where people get such great results
and much greater results than they could ever get with a cookie cutter online fitness program. Step number two is to beat them by narrowing
your niche. Stop for a moment and think about who your
competition is targeting, who are the online fitness programs targeting? Who are the weight management companies targeting? You’re not quite sure, right, because they
seem to be targeting everybody, men and women and children sometimes, then older people
and younger people and working moms and stay at home moms and working dads and even retired
people. They really don’t seem to care, because again,
they’re looking for mass market appeal. But you as a health coach have the ability
to create a program for a very specific client avatar. If your goal is to charge premium prices,
my recommendation for you is to look at people who are looking for the best. Who out there is looking for high performance,
who has high demands on their bodies, their minds, everything in their life every single
day? Who are the people out there who want high
quality, who want personal attention, who want customized features, who want customized
options, who go for the expensive cars, the nice vacations, the big homes? Maybe those are the people who don’t want
to settle for less. Maybe those are the people who have high expectations
and maybe, just maybe those are the people you can target with your services. Now I’m not saying you need to, but that is
just one option and one idea to give you an example of people who have high demands that
you can meet as a health coach, by offering them a very customized solution. Another idea would be for you to think about
offering business owners health coaching programs. Maybe you want to target entrepreneurs or
startups. Maybe it’s women in business. There’s a lot of different ways for you to
position yourself and differentiate yourself from the sea of online programs or the sea
of low cost fitness and health programs out there where you can still make a great income
and a great impact as a health coach. Step number three is to beat them with science. Looking at all of these low cost offerings,
I really don’t see a lot of science in them even though many of them claim that there’s
a lot of science and research that is backing, you know, the plans and the advice that they’re
giving us, but you as a health coach, again, have the flexibility and the freedom to incorporate
as much cutting edge science is you want to in your programs. I believe the market nowadays wants to be
cutting edge. People want to know the latest and greatest
in science, the latest and greatest in technology, in what’s working right now. There are proven and tried and tested methods
and ways to do things, but I also believe that in the health coaching field, there are
so many new findings and research being done that you can leverage in your coaching programs
and go out there and really educate the market and educate your clients about these latest
trends in your field. So think about ways that you can incorporate
science into your coaching programs. Do you know anything about the latest dietary
research? Do you know about the latest bio hacks? How people enhance their sleep and all this
new technology people are using nowadays to measure their physiology, new supplements
that are coming out on the market, be involved in the industry, research, read the papers,
read the blogs online, watch the videos and be really up to date on the latest and greatest
and finding some science in the health and wellness field so that you can bring this
to your clients. You can incorporate this into your coaching
packages and therefore go out there and say, Hey, I have the latest biohacks. I’m always experimenting. I’m always testing new things and I am on
the leading edge when it comes to health, and therefore I am able to bring you a much
superior product than the sea of low cost health and fitness programs could ever offer
you. Now do you see that? It’s actually really simple to set yourself
apart from the sea of low cost health and fitness programs out there. All you need to do is focus on customization,
focusing on a very specific niche, and beating them with science, and there are certainly
ways for you to incorporate all of these things in what you’re offering right now and go out
there and charge your worth as well as get amazing results for your coaching clients. Health coaching is an amazing field. People want to live longer. They want to be more energized. They want to beat all of these diseases and
illnesses that we deal with so much more nowadays, and that’s where you come in. So go out there, make a difference, attract
those clients, and do the work you’re meant to do, and now I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a health coach, I would love to
hear how you’re able to attract clients, how you’re able to position yourself and differentiate
yourself and what your tips might be for the market. Let’s have a conversation down below in the
comments. Leave me a note. Let me know what’s working for you right now
and let’s exchange some ideas. Now you might be asking, well Carolin, this
is all great, but how do I get clients? How do I actually market myself and why is
it so hard to put myself out there? Well, I’ve created the complete marketing
automation guide that you can download for free right now, down below in the description. It’s a $297 value. In this guide, I’m going to spell out step
by step what you can do right now to build an online sales funnel that will drive leads
into your business, but not just leads, highly qualified potential clients, and I’m going
to show you all the steps, all the systems and tools, and the entire process so that
you can finally understand marketing and you can make your client attraction online very
simple and effective. I’m excited to see how you’re going to use
this tool because you’re a health coach. I used to be a health coach, okay, and so
you are special to me. I like all the other niches, but I believe
that the world needs these health coaches. The world needs you. So go out there and make that difference. Get excited about your business. Forget about the competition, be you be true
to who you are and follow your mission because I believe that you’re meant to bring your
passion to the world. If you like the video, give me a like, subscribe
to our channel, click the bell so you get notified when new episodes become available
on Wednesdays and then come back next week. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see
you next time. Take care. Do you want to build a successful online coaching
business, but you’re not sure how to get started and you’re scared of wasting time and money
on the wrong steps. Let me be your coach and show you the right
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  1. Hey there Health Coaches – drop a comment below and let me know how you liked this episode! I'd also love to know what your specialty is and how you differentiate yourself in the market! See you next week 🙂

  2. The lack of personalization is why I like working with women one on one in their own home, it's completely customized. I create the type of meditation the length etc for their needs, and mix in the correct type of yoga and massage. Doing this in NYC a city with lots of successful busy folks who are highly stressed!

  3. Thanks Carolin this actually helped me to draft an email and create a post showing my following why my services are so much better. X

  4. Hi Carolin. Awesome video. Thank you. I do not see the link for the the marketing automation guide. Can you post it?

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