Helping Small Businesses Succeed

A massive change over the last 20 years is that if you go back to 1990, actually companies that could benefit from globalization, from international, was really large companies. That’s no longer the case. Small businesses will have suppliers and customers in every single part of the world. Bringing in global data, tying in all the other bureaus, the Experian bureaus from different parts of the world and with partners as well, to make sure that we give these small business the best data but also as easy as possible. I think a massive difference between us and our competitors is we put a huge amount of focus on the quality of the data that we’re delivering internationally. But the customer journey is really essential. Nobody has patience now for a customer journey that isn’t really intuitive, really easy. This is one of the the major changes that’s happening is that ease of getting the insight through that data is almost as important as the insight to the data itself. When we develop our products for small businesses is that actually the user interface is very intuitive that they can understand immediately how to use it. Finally, and this is true in all areas, is really checking who you’re dealing with, does actually exist. I think it’s well known everywhere the risk that consumers have in terms of fraud, I think what’s less well recognized is commercial fraud where businesses are set up explicitly to actually get goods and then to disappear. Again, it comes down to, it’s that combination of really understanding, is that business a real, existing business? Then understanding the people behind it, that’s where we really can help. Manage your own business, check other businesses, grow your business, and make sure that you’re safe in terms of doing business.

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