Hilarious Retail Stories

uh… i talked yesterday about my time
at circuitcity working and we tell it all the couple stories and asked people
to send stories then i got so many funny stories louis united
believe this i want to read a few opm gerry wrote to me and said here’s my story i was working
at macy’s in houston my co-worker was a funny colombian guy i was passing the counter and bernardo
was with the customer returning our money dress shirt i noticed she had ran the share in the
bag and it was very very wrinkled i must have made a face because bernard
bernardo got a gleam in his eye and continued working with the lady he
processed the return handed the woman her cash without missing a beat he
pulled out the trash can from behind the counter and two thirds shirt away and told the woman to have a nice day
status in the book about her fifth after she left i took the shirt to the tailor shop
press that up and put it back on the sales floor uh… that’s a gets a bigger one you
know this happen to me i went to a hardware store and bought a ball burr
some kind of piece for my toilet or something wasn’t the right
thing the return policy is very clearly you cannot return air conditioner filters otherwise you
can return anything and i told the guy when i return this is like well but we
can resell this you’ve opened it and i said well but the return policy is written right
here doesn’t say anything about not being able to return this once it’s
opened anne just grabs it gives me the money
talks and in the trash advances thanks have a nice day giving me the same
impression that you know i’ve ruined the business every time something they can
resell at best their return policy that’s not my fault okay chris works as a groovy worked at a
grocery store delhi he was slicing up me a customer asked for a type of meat that
wasn’t in the display case i told him i checked the back and mike
and found some i’ve brought it out held it over the trash can as usual to open
the backs of the juices run into the trash the entire one thing flew out of
the daggett into the trash acting like nothing happened and i hadn’t even gone
into the back room yet basketball the customer it doesn’t appear we have one of the
display of how the note check the back the customer care or we would like he went back there grabbed another one
opened its less than the and gave it to the guy the entire time the guy was acting very
bizarre like he wasn’t sure if he was completely crazy or not after the guy left that took the need
out of the trash rinsed it off interesting these are some good stories
lewis i must tell you know to goodman so far i think i have time for one more
year uh… ok here allied best by stories bridget was working at best buy geek squad in
two thousand six nightmare customer outrageous guy complaining about
everything sixty year old man comes in you wanted harddrive backed up
so he’s standing at the counter we had his laptop up and going through what
folders he wants backed up as one of my guys are searching the hold hard drive
he finds loads of porn pictures videos every imaginable type of
porn straight porn gay porn everything the guy doesn’t realize that that’s what
they’re looking at because even though he’s three feet away he’s facing the odd
away is the laptop then they pull up pictures of the guy himself doing all
sorts of strange sexual stuff when we see that are expression changes and now
he can tell exactly what we’re looking at without even seeing the screen he
becomes cooperative and polite of a sudden drops the attitude we pack
everything up free of charge send them on his way never hear from the guy again i love the want to keep these cunning uh… let’s do one more quick one here
this is can who is beijing and this is relevant to the story back in nineteen
ninety work for the toys r_ us customer comes in to buy a bike with a check pass for zaidi says he doesn’t have one
i thought my cat accepted check without an i_d_ he proceeds to get angry starts cursing
and saying he doesn’t have any other form of payment going off on me says i’m
a racist because he’s black and he doesn’t want to take checks from black
people and he calls me a check being a smart ass i told them sir i’d be more
offended if you called me names correctly chinks are chinese i’m
vietnamese and i guess the guy went completely crazy after that ended up
meeting and who knows what it what was that that check nice yeah you must have good ones from your time
at that working at a grocery store uh… not really rioted dot didn’t interact
with nearly as many people as to the cashiers you i mean a lot of it was just browsing through
down investable sounds document up to go back to you repeat on the new really
wasn’t there argument nothing sticking out but i’ll
think about it they get up and keep is coming up on a more so will tell a
couple of these on another show

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21 thoughts on “Hilarious Retail Stories

  1. I was working in a Camelot Music in the 90's. When From Dusk till Dawn came out a co-worker opened up a cd and put it in the cd player/store sound system. We're all in the back of the door putting stuff away. The store was crowded. Then we hear :" All right, pussy, pussy, pussy! Come on in pussy lovers! Here at the Titty Twister we're slashing pussy in half!" That co-worker goes running to the front and flies over the counter. LOL! OMG the looks on faces in the store and right outside. haha

  2. I like the guy, I can't even explain why because he never fucking says anything.
    And he's not stupid. Most people who don't vote do it because they don't give a shit, but he's the rare case that gives too much of a shit and thinks there's no point in voting for two similar parties. The guy needs to speak teh fahk up.
    Then again, maybe Dave likes being the solo speaker, with someone just to back him with a "yep/nope"

  3. Oh America! So behind the times! In Australia, we ditched cheques YEARS and YEARS ago now. I remember how frustrating they were to process. Such a giant pain in the ass. Why so backward? Lol

  4. Whoever the skinny dude on the mic is needs to find a new job. He was so out of it and bored to death his face made me laugh harder than the stories!

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