How Accenture Digitally Transformed Business Performance Management with Manage myBusiness

Accenture is applying the New now as we become
a more digital and intelligent enterprise. One priority high on our digital agenda was
evolving how business unit and client account leads manage business performance. These business leads need ready and easy access
to financial and operational data to evaluate status, set direction, and make decisions. Digital technologies presented an opportunity
to change the information landscape. The solution was Manage myBusiness, an online,
self-service analytics dashboard providing a range of key performance indicators and
a suite of diagnostics. It provides an intuitive, one-stop shop for
performance data that is user friendly, online, secure, and in real time. What’s more, Manage myBusiness is driving
behavior change among leaders and teams. They are moving away from disparate reports
to a single digital destination. They spend less time on administration and
more on evaluation and collaboration. And they are driving actions and improving
outcomes. Manage myBusiness continues to get better. We’re adding more insight content, … providing
a mobile experience, … and embedding predictive artificial intelligence. It all adds up to a huge leap in efficiency,
simplified reporting architectures, and greatly enhanced business capabilities. Teams can now better manage, sell, and deliver
Accenture’s services to clients.

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