How AIM has helped Marty’s small business | Inland Revenue

My name is Marty Winders and I’ve always had a mad passion for cars. As a child, I use to know the sound of every car when it drove past I could name it. Eventually, I decided to make a business out of it. I own Winders Rod and Restorations here in Oamaru. Our core business is building hot rods and restoring cars. We’ve expanded into a couple of other areas as well. Often in this industry, it can be a feast or a famine. Like a lot of small businesses have fluctuating incomes, but especially when you’re trying to grow a business every cent matters. Before AIM came along I used to be quite stressed out about my tax. We were always anticipating what we would owe the tax department and you didn’t know until you actually got the bill. But since we’ve had AIM, no longer do we have to worry about our tax at the end of the year and stuff. Because we pay as we go we know where we stand at any given time. It’s freed up our working capital so we know our cash flow is our cash flow. It just takes the sting out of it really. AIM has been a huge reliever of stress for me personally. At the end of the day, I have a bit more freedom. The freedom to focus on the things that I really love doing. I can’t believe that everyone is not doing it.

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