How apprenticeships are helping my business

I’m Ken Shipway, I’m Group Service Manager for Midshire Business Systems Midshire Business Systems sell office
technology we were experiencing real difficulty in recruiting the right kind of people with the right skills so the obvious
answer was to take on apprentices I’d benefited from having an
apprenticeship myself at British Telecom so I thought it was a good idea My name is Kellyann Coggins, and I’m a business administrator at Midshires. I’d considered an apprenticeship because I’d went to school and that many qualifications from it. I went to several interviews and
eventually found something called traineeships and that’s what I want for the Barclays
traineeship and that’s how I found Midshires Because I’ve got a two year old
son I wanted to make sure that he had the best future possible and Midshires offered me that while giving me a career If you take on somebody who has experienced the job at another employer you are never really sure what you can get. When you have an apprentice they are moulded to your particular
requirements. You’ve taken somebody from school and keep in the good job so you
get loyalty straight away – it’s a two way street everybody gains from it. The thing that
surprised me was just have easy it was to do there are a large number apprentice
providers They will pre-interview, they handle all of the paperwork there are no arduous tasks involved and
there are hundreds of kids out there that are looking for jobs Some businesses don’t like taking apprentices on, but really they would also get a good investment from it themselves. I’m really looking forward to what my future brings really you get back what you put into it if
you’re looking at this as source of cheap labour – forget it. It
doesn’t work if you bother to make the commitment if you set up properly you will reap great benefits from it it. It’s a super system and it works

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