How Can I Expand My Business In 2019?

So, it’s 2019 you look and expand your
business. That’s awesome to hear. Stay tuned. I’m going to share some great ideas
that will help you grow your business on this year. So, thanks for tuning in to
Grow By Joe where my whole channel is about growing your business. So, you’re
definitely in the right place if you’re looking to expand. In this video, I’ve got
four points and a bonus at the end that can help you think about your business a
little bit differently this year and get you on that path to growing. So, number
1 is strategic partnerships. This is an area that gets overlooked a lot and it
is a really great area to help drive and grow your business. And you can utilize
this without having to spend money. What’s great about strategic
partnerships is you can link up with someone that basically is around your
customers and they can drive those customers over to you. And you only pay
them for those customers on when a sale is completed. So, look into strategic
partnerships which leads me right into point number 2. Affiliate marketing. If
you’re doing business on the web, you should definitely look into affiliate
marketing. Basically it’s the same concept but other websites drive traffic
to your business and you pay them when a sell of something on your site is
completed. So, it’s definitely an area that a lot of people don’t even know
about still and an area that you should be checking out. Number 3 this may be
obvious but if you’re not doing it, it’s not that obvious. Pay-per-click and
social media. You got to go where your customers are going. Everybody’s online
today. They’re in Google, they’re on social media. You definitely got to start
testing running ads on social media and Google pay-per-click especially if
you’re a local business looking for local customers. This can be a real great
way to drive business and help expand your business this year. Number 4 are
you able to add new things in your business? Products, services, additional
things that you can sell that maybe you didn’t think about in the beginning when
you’re getting started. But there’s a real demand from your customer base. So
maybe take a pause for a second and really think about what your customers
and they want. Maybe even speak to a few customers and and actually hear
right from them what is it that you want? Is there something else that I
can bring to you that would provide you value? You’d be surprised by having these
one-on-one conversations. I still do them. I’ve my businesses over 11 years in
business now and I still reach out to my customers
and want to hear exactly what it is that they want in need. It’s so powerful and
so many people don’t do this. Alright and the bonus to wrap this up is something
that you might not be thinking about. But this all kind of ties in. You know, if
you’re looking to expand, if you’re looking to grow, it’s always great if you
can do that without having to hire more staff. But if you’re gonna have to staff
up in order to grow and expand your business, that’s okay.
But really think about the culture of your organization in business and put a
focus on creating the Meijin culture an amazing environment for people to come
to. I can’t tell you today how important that is.
Everyone wants a great place to go to work to. That can help you attract great
talent but also help you retain great talent. So, if you’re looking to expand,
make sure that your culture is in a really great place. Otherwise you’re
gonna deal with challenges that you might not have been thinking about. I
really hope that this helped. You got you thinking differently about your business.
I hope some of these points brought value to you and help you on your
journey to expanding this year. If you’re looking to expanding, you’re going to need
financing to do that or maybe want to plug in some of those marketing services
that I mentioned. Check out my link below. One of my team members would love to
be able to help you with a marketing solution or a financing solution in
order to take that business to your next level. I wish you nothing but success
this year as you grow your business and level up. We’ll talk soon. Take care and
make sure you subscribe to my videos. We’ll see you.

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