How Can I Make My Business Successful?

So, you started a business and you want
to make it successful. In this video, I’m going to share 5 key things that
every business owner needs to know in order to get to that next level, so stay
tuned. So, these 5 things have been really
crucial to my success and growing my company to 100 employees and doing
millions of dollars a year in sales. Number 1, structure. Hands down, this is
the most important thing that you have to have in your business. If you don’t
have structure, you don’t have a business, you own a job and it can be very
frustrating and challenging. So, you got to get structure in your business. What
do I mean, by that from day one, you need to treat your business like a franchise.
Basically, it means you need to have systems and processes in place for
everything. And every part of that process of needs to be the right people
in place to help with that part of the process. If you’re a contractor, when that
phone rings, there needs to be someone at your company who answers it, schedules
for someone to go out to do the estimate. That estimate needs to wind up on your
calendar. You need to show up there do that estimate. If the person agrees to
move forward, then there needs to be someone who books that job, schedules it
then your team or a workers need to show up and do the job. Then when they’re done,
there needs to be some part of the process that collects the money and gets
it into your bank account. So, every part of that process needs to be structured
out. And there needs to be the right people a part of that process. And
your employees in your business either understand that process. And they
actually probably great to help you build out that structure. So, number 2
is timing. You know, a big part of your business’s success will actually be
timing. You can have the right idea at the wrong time. So, whatever it is, whether
it’s a new idea a new product, a new service. Really just think to make sure
that it’s really the right time. So, number 3, people. If you don’t have
the right people in your business, it’ll never be successful. You’ll deal with
more challenges and headaches than you signed up for. And you’ll just find
yourself continually getting frustrated. On top of that, your employees will get
frustrated and your customers will get frustrated. So, you really got to put that
focus on bringing in the right people. You might have some right people in your
business but are they in the right seats. It’s super important to focus on the
right person but make sure that that person is in the right seat doing the
right job in your business. Hands down one of the most important things that
you can do. Number 4, culture. This goes hand-in-hand with the
right people. But you have to create a culture in your business. There’s a great
book called Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh who
built an amazing culture in the company Check out that book.
Everyone’s like culture… Wait, what’s this culture? What does it mean? Well, you
have to create a great place and an amazing environment for people to come
to work every day. And the point of that is if you create this amazing culture
and really it’s just how do you make your business fun. And how do you make it
a fun place. If you have a fun place, your employees will be happy.
They’ll come to work every day. They’ll probably work harder. What’s really
important here is that when you create an amazing culture and you have happy
employees, that spreads out to your customers. It just creates this culture
of positive employees and very satisfied and happy customers. Which is something
hands-down that will be a game changer in your business. It’s so hard to get
customers into your business today. And no matter what business you’re in, it’s
competitive. So, if you bring those customers in, you don’t want to drive
them away because you have unhappy employees. And you want those customers
to come back and spread the word about your business because they had such a
great experience. So, really think about that. The better experience that you can
deliver to those customers, the more the word will spread about your business and
the more those customers will come back. And number 5, capital, A.k.a money. In
order to grow, you need capital. Most people don’t understand this. But
businesses that are growing need even more access to capital. You’ll never be
able to hire more employees, do marketing, expand your business. Add additional
products and service, test things. With all that comes capital. I can’t stress
how important is to know the different financing options that are available so
you can use financing to your advantage in order to grow your business at an
even more rapid pace. There’s a lot of different business financing options out
there today and I know can be confusing. At the end of this video, I’ll drop
a link that will help explain that further. So, a bonus thing that I want to
share to you that’s so crucial with growing your business and scaling it
effectively and profitably is you need to know your numbers. You’ve got to get
some sort of reporting in place and you got to understand your numbers, know
where you’re making money, know where you’re losing money. And test things and
measure those results. Super important. Know your numbers. If you’re trying to
grow your business and you don’t know those numbers it can be super
dangerous. I truly love helping business owners grow their business,
strategize. Please leave some comments below if you have any questions. If
there’s some things that you’re having challenges with. I’d love to reply back
and answer those questions for you. If you want to Grow By Joe, check out that
link. I truly look forward to helping make your business a success. Thanks for
tuning in. Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

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