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My names Keiran Dagenhard, I’m the director and founder of Derbyshire Computer Services Limited We’re a managed IT service provider based in Derby offering IT services to both business and public. We’ve grown substantially in the last
few months both we’ve thanks to and support from
Trusted Dolphin because of their service we’ve been able to provide a whole host
of services to our customers we could only have dreamed of offering this time
last year. We have been able to build a really strong relationship with Bytes Software Services since joining Trusted Dolphin Their product ranges so extensive,
there’s always something in the background that you just don’t know
exists, so I contacted our Account Manager with a problem and basically
gave him the challenge of trying to fix it for me He then put me in touch with
Ninja RMM which has now given us the ability to manage our customers
computers remotely. So since been introduced to Bytes we’ve
been able to introduce a whole new arm of our business which is managed IT
service plans. We’ve been able to gain Microsoft
Partner status which has opened up so many doors for us, like being able to
sell, manage and maintain Microsoft Office 365 licenses for our customers It’s because of these reasons I would
recommend Trusted Dolphin in a heartbeat to any small or medium IT provider like us.

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