How Can I Promote My Business?

Hi there internet fans, Ryan Perry here, Simple Biz Support. I was talking to a client earlier today, and that’s what prompted me to shoot this video. He was a little frustrated with the fact that there are so many different options on how to market his business, and he really felt overwhelmed and it was that overwhelmed feeling that caused him to shut down, and really it’s just, it’s mental. It doesn’t really matter what we’re doing in life, if we get too much input and we don’t know which piece of that input we should take out and actually use, the brain shuts down. It just gets overwhelmed, and there’s a lot of information out there. There’s people that should tell you, you should be marketing on Facebook, you should be marketing on Twitter, you should be marketing on LinkedIn. Locally, you should be going to chamber events, you should be asking for referrals, there’s BNI. What about your website? I should get my website ranked on the first page of Google, what about Google Plus, what about YouTube, I should really be shooting videos, right? There’s a lot that goes into marketing a business, and I learned a long time ago in 2009 when I started Simple Biz Support, was that if you don’t do what you’re comfortable with, you’re not going to do anything at all. And that’s typically the first step that I try and work with clients who want to actually engage and be a part of their actual marketing plan, but they’re not sure where to start, is first ask them, well what do they enjoy doing? If you’re active on Facebook, as an example, than my recommendation would be to actually spend time on Facebook, and building your business reputation, your business presence on Facebook. If you’re active on Twitter, do Twitter. If you like to mingle, if you like to engage with people, then maybe social media and internet marketing isn’t the right solution for you. Maybe you should be going to BNI network chamber events and those type of things, and networking that way. There’s so many different options out there that if you, if you start doing what people tell you you should be doing, but it doesn’t resonate with you, the reality is, after you do it for awhile you’re gonna go, “Eh, I really don’t enjoy doing this,” and then you stop doing it. So, for you business people out there, if you feel overwhelmed, if you feel confused, start doing what it is that you enjoy doing. Get some credibility in that space, may it be locally, may it be online, maybe you don’t visibly… You don’t want to be visible, and so getting your website ranked on the first page of Google is where you’re gonna focus, so you’re just gonna focus on SEO as an example. Find somebody in that realm that can help you. If you’re looking to network more often, find somebody who can help you be a better networker, so you’re using your time wisely. So, goal number one, if you wanna be successful, I really, I really encourage you to do the things that you are already comfortable with when it comes to marketing your business, and that’s going to help you become more successful because you’ll actually be doing it. So, just my thought for the day. I would love to hear your thoughts, and how you feel about this, in the comments below. Take care.

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