How Clone Sites Can Make You Look Like A Real Business On Your First Day

Hey, it’s Joe. Today I’m going to show you how having your
own website will make you look like you are actually in the business, even if it’s your
first day on the job. You know, used to be that you’d need a brick
and mortar store to look like you were in business. But today all you need is a website and people,
it gives you credibility and people believe that you’re actually in business. So, these clone sites that are included with
the Automarketer will help you do that. Let’s take a look. I’m going to show you how to use websites,
specifically the Automarketer clone sites, to make yourself look like a pro right from
the beginning. This is your brick and mortar business. If you go to the clone site section, this
is a drop down, so you go to the clone sites and then go to, click on clone sites, this
page will come up. And just so you know, there is a website editor
so you can change the website, you can add video or audios or do anything you want to
your website by going to the html editor here. There’s also a drag and drop editor that’s
in beta that we’re still playing with but it seems to be working well and we’ve made
that available and it’s easier to use than regular html, although not quite as full featured
as an html editor. And then, once you’ve, so let’s go back
to the websites. And this first one is the listing site. The listing site is where you post your properties
for sale when you have them. And you can send the, send people to this
site to let them know that this is where I sell my properties. This is where I get my buyers. This is how, you know, we do business and
this tells you a little bit about my business. It also has places for then people to opt
in so you can get more investors and you can get more rent to own home buyers, lease option
buyers in your system. And you can search by a lot of different criteria. There’s a little mortgage calculator here
that allows you to show amortization schedules and see what it costs to buy a property. And then the properties that you’ve got
for sale will show up here. Remember the seller questionnaire that I showed
you in the previous videos? When you fill those out, they’ll show up
here when you tell it to come to your listing site. But there’s also, if you don’t have any
properties for sale, and this is your first day in business, and you don’t want to look,
you don’t want to just have a blank page that makes you look like you’re not in business
yet, what we’ve done is, we’re partnering with our other users on the system and we
allow each other to use their properties. Now, you’re, they’re going to show up
as sold on your page, so you’re not going to sell their properties for them. That doesn’t make sense for them to do that. But, they are allowing you to put it on your
page so you look like you’re in business and people usually will call you about properties
that are already sold anyway so you don’t have to worry about that. But the way that that works is, inside the
inventory system, if you go to use, other users, public properties, and then do a search,
it’ll pull up properties, there are about 600 of them in there right now. And if I want to use a specific area, let’s
say I wanted to use Texas, for example, and I only want ones with images in it. I can do a search and it’s going to bring
up some properties. And if you can see this right here, it shows
that these properties are in, are on my listing site already. If I want to add another one, and I can remove
them simply by clicking that and it’ll get rid of them, but if I want to add another
one I can do that by clicking on this button. So if I go to this site now I’m not going
to find that specific property, right? So, let’s turn it on and while I’m at
it I’ll go ahead and assign one of my team members to this property, let’s say Sam
is my buyer/finder. I’m going to assign him to this specific
property. So now it’s going to show as Sam is on this
property. And, if I go to my listing site, I’m going
to see this rent to own luxury home by refreshing and there it is. The rent to own luxury home. And it shows Fred as the person to call. And you can put in anybody you want. You can put your team members or you can put
in a different phone number if you want to in that situation. So that’s the basic listing site. But there’s other sites that I’ve got,
too. I’m going to show them to you real quickly. This is the rent to own buyer site. And this is the one where we drive generic
traffic to, or buyers, and we can do this through the Automarketer campaign. We can do it through other types of advertising,
we can do it through out email campaigns and we drive our traffic to this site, let them
listen to this audio and this audio explains to the them why it makes sense to buy rent
to own. And they can either listen to it or they can
read the details. This is basically a transcription of that
audio. And, if they’re interested, they can sign
up to be on your list. This keeps you from having to talk to these
people and spending your time on it and making sure that they’ve got a down payment. Because we always ask them how much they’ve
got for a down payment. And once they fill out this information they
go into our leads system, so they’ll show up on our Automarketer in the lead management
section, and they’ll get a follow up system attached to them which is the rent to own
buyer follow up system which sends them, drips on them with emails explaining how rent to
own works, and reminding them about stuff and then when we get a lease option memo signed,
or any property we’re trying to sell, we can do a broadcast message to that particular
buyer group and sell them the property. And when we start building this list and it
gets to be, you know, 500 or 1,000 people on it, which doesn’t take that long to build,
maybe a month or two, once you start advertising properties or using the Automarketer to find
your buyers for you. Then you’re going to start selling 10% to
20% of your properties through the broadcast messages alone. So it’s a very powerful way to find buyers. The rent to own seller site is the site that
we use in the Automarketer to try to sell people on the idea, try to sell the sellers
on the idea of working with us and letting us lease option their property and sell that
lease option property to another buyer, to an end user. And there again, this one has an audio in
it that they can listen to and, or you can read the frequently asked questions by clicking
here. It’ll drop them down the page to the FAQ
as well. And if they fill out this information, it’s
going to give you enough information to be able to do a lease option deal with them. To know whether or not it’s something you
want to work with them and do that. So, all this information is here. And you can go see this site if you’re interested
at You’re going to have your own domain if
you’re using the Automarketer, your own unique domain. The next clone site is the lease option memo
and this is, if they fill this form out that gives you control of their property. And we’ll have people fill this form out
before we even talk to them because of the way the Automarketer is set up, it takes them
to the website, the website then, they fill out the website, the rent to own seller site
and then sends them an email says go to this lease option memo site. And if you fill this form out then we’ll
get your property sold. So it tries to do it without you having to
talk to them. It doesn’t happen all the time. Most of the time you’re going to have to
call them. But sometimes they’ll fill it out and when
that happens, it’s very cool and it puts you in control of their property. You still need to call them even after they
fill this out but it’s going to send you an email showing that they filled it out and
you’re going to call them and say, hey, I see you filled out the memo. I’m ready to get going, I just need a little
bit of information about the property and then go through that process and get the information
you need to do that. The next site is and you can,
this is basically sort of a generic ibuyhouses site. This is the very first website that I ever
created or a version of this, using this same verbiage. And it explains what we do and how we do it
and the kind of offer that we can make. And it gives them a place to fill out information
and these questions here, these are the same questions that are on the seller questionnaire
that are in the lead sheet. And if you get this information it’s going
to give you enough detail to find out whether or not you want to make an offer and what
kind of offer you’re going to make on it. And then the last page that we’ve got is
the for sale by owner subject to deal. And this says I want to make an offer on your
home. And we’re sending this to them through the
Automarketer campaigns and there’s other ways that you can get people to these sites,
too. You can drive traffic through other things
as well. We’ve even had people use Facebook ads and
drive directly to this site, drives clicks to this site trying to find specific people
that are interested in selling. One of these days I’m going to teach our
Facebook techniques. I haven’t done that yet because it’s stuff
that we’re still playing with. But they can tell us what type of offer they’re
looking for, what type of seller they are and then we give them the offer. And it talks about subject to and how it works. So it’s a pretty cool thing because when
they fill out this form they’re ready to go. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be putting
that deal together unless the numbers just don’t work. And if the numbers don’t work, then maybe
you convert them over to a lease option and still help them out and make money on it. All right. Well, that’s the clone sites. That’s how it makes you look like you have
a real business and look like you’re really a going concern even if it’s your first
day on the job.

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