How Do I Choose A Company Name For My Cleaning Business?

Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a housecleaning
question, and I get to help you find an answer. The question we’re going to cover today
comes from a girl who is starting her own housecleaning company, and she wants to know;
“What is the best company name, for my business”? I love this question. I get asked this question 2 or 3 times a week. Okay so what it comes down to is, number one,
what is it that you’re doing? What is it that you’re doing? And the reason I ask that question is this. If you are cleaning houses, cleaning houses
should be somewhere in the title of your company name. So, think about this. Let’s say that you’re looking for a housecleaner. And so you’re going to go on Google, and what
are you going to search for? “House cleaners in my area?” or “I need
a housecleaner” or “affordable housecleaning” or whatever the terms are that you’re going
to use. Those terms should be built inside your company
name. Now I’ve heard all kinds of people that have
these amazingly creative titles. But they’re never going to show up anywhere
on a search engine. And I won’t embarrass the people who have
really crappy company names. Because just think about it, if you go to
Google and you search for: “I’m thinking of clean” or something like
that – that’s not going to show up. The word clean is in there. But that’s not going to show up under housecleaning. That’s not going to pull up in the search
engine, and that’s not going to help people find you. So your company name is not the time to be
creative. Okay? That is not the time to be creative. It should say something like “housecleaning,”
“house cleaners,” “affordable housecleaning,” “cleaning in this ZIP code,” whatever
it is. Be very specific about your company name. Okay, so the second thing that you need to
think about when you’re choosing a company name, is what is the URL that you’re going
to use? And I say the URL, that is the website www
or http:// whatever your company name is. And that is super important. Why? Because everyone now lives on the internet. When people go to look for you, when people
go to vet you, when people refer you, somebody’s going to go to your website. And how are they going to find your website? Because your company name is built into your
URL. Here’s an example, my company name is called
Savvy Cleaner. What do I do? I train house cleaners how to start their
own cleaning companies. When they go through my program, they are
a “Savvy Cleaner” that is the result. That is what I’m offering, are savvy cleaners. So my company name is Savvy Cleaner guess
what my URL is? that is My URL. Okay so you want to make sure that you’re
company name is built into your URL. Why do you want to do that? We want to do that for SEO purposes. And SEO stands for search engine optimization. And it is super important, because if you
get this right this will save you hundreds, and hundreds, and thousands of dollars on
advertising, and marketing later on. Instead of trying to pay later on to come
back and figure out a way to get your page to rank in Google, start out by doing it correctly. You start out by doing it correctly by using
keywords that people are going to search for in the title of your business name then use
it in your URL. Now we live in a world of social media. So the very next part of this is your social
media handles have to also include your company name. This is where it gets really tricky because
a lot of the handles and a lot of the URLs are already taken. So if you have a really great company name,
you need to get on the internet immediately you need to reserve the URL. Okay, so you can go to a place like lets you register the
domain name for your business. So, if that is available before you register
it, go over to social media. Go to Type in the business name that you want, and
see if someone else is already using it. So on my company name is
on Twitter it’s On Instagram, it’s
the little @ with your company name? @SavvyCleaner All of my social media is consistent with
my company name and with my branding. And so if you get this right, right now, like
I said, it will save you so much money and so much hassle later on. You can’t be “Savvy Cleaner” and then
have your URL at some, not your URL, but your handles on social media, be something like
“@OneCoolChick.” That doesn’t make any sense. People are not going to associate @OneCoolChick
with Savvy Cleaner. Do you see what I’m saying? It has to be consistent. You have to be consistent across the board
here’s why: The search engines are getting smarter and
smarter every day with algorithms that help connect the dots on social media. And so what happens is places like Google
they want to provide the best user experience. So what are going to do, is they’re going
to try to connect the dots. So let’s say that you are Savvy Cleaner you
are also Savvy Cleaner on Facebook. They’re going to start looking for clues. Is this the same Savvy Cleaner? And can I link them? And so what happens is on Savvy Cleaner, let’s
say on Savvy Cleaner Facebook. If my Facebook page is all about things that
are about cleaning and house cleaning, and cleaning tips, and things like that. Google is going to say; “Wait a second. I think this is associated with this.” And it’s going to link the two of them and
my search engine rankings just when. If I use this page to talk about things like
my dogs, and tattoos, and a picnic that I’m having and a boating trip, Google is going
to say, “well, it has the same name, but I’m confused. I don’t think it’s the same person.” Which is one of the reasons why you have to
have business social media pages? So you can link the business social media
Pages back to your URL. Then when you start producing content, let’s
say that you make a video, like the one that I’m making right now it will connect this
with this. So, if I post this video over here on social
media, guess what? It’s going to find its way to the search engines,
and half my work is already done. So when you create a company name, this is
huge, this is super important get it right. Get it right from the very beginning. This is not the time to say; “A mother-daughter
loves to clean” or something like that. That is that is not a good company name. Nobody’s ever going to look for you there. “Guy in a cleaning truck” maybe, but not
likely. “Cleaning houses,” “housecleaning,”
“cleaning company,” “affordable cleaning” something like that “cleaning in whatever
your ZIP code is,” there are people that have amazing company
names for house cleaning, and they have coined terms like. “Top Notch Chicago Cleaning Company” that’s
pretty awesome. Guess what? They clean in Chicago right? So don’t be creative.
Just be consistent with all of your marketing approaches. And if you set that up in the very beginning,
I promise you this, it will save you a lot of time and hassle later on. Okay, that’s our tip for today. And if you have
any questions go over to, there’s a little blue button. Click on that button a little microphone appears
you can ask your question. If you like this tip and you found it helpful,
please pass it along. Share it, Tweet it. Pin it. Post it, whatever you guys do. Okay, that’s it for today and until I see
you again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

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11 thoughts on “How Do I Choose A Company Name For My Cleaning Business?

  1. I never knew of a URL.I'm so old fashion. I didn't think I was going to learn anything on this title. Thank you !!!

  2. Now i feel like i should change my name, but i've opened up my bank account, i've paid for my license. what should i do.

  3. I love your channel I’m a housekeeper for about 12 years and now I’m planning to have my own business and your vídeos is helping me a lot and I will get your book

  4. How did you choose the name for your cleaning company:
    A: Researched the internet for name options
    B: Flipped a coin
    C: Asked Family and Friends for name options
    D: Other

  5. I had to choose my name based on what domain (URL) was available and what company name was available in my state. Once I got those 2 to match, voila! I did 1 thing right, haha!

    I am finding your videos paramount in learning this business. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Angela!
    Love your videos! Thank you for sharing your knowledge to the house cleaning community!
    I am a cleaning service owner and my specialty is post construction / renovations. Most of my clients flip as well as buy to rent. I also service summer rentals in the beach area where I live and have a handful of residential cleanings. Could you please post a video on the best way to store and transport cleaning supplies. My specialty requires quite a bit of supplies , I keep supplies in numerous crates which can get quite heavy and become disorganized which makes me crazy. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated 😊

  7. Hello Angela – Very Informative Info.  I have a question (1.) Can someone name there small business a "Human Development Center" or are there legal ramifications or guidelines in order to name it this ?   (for Fla.)

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