How do I communicate what my business does with infographics?

One of the hardest parts about marketing is
boiling down your business’s services or message into one clear, attractive and dynamic
point. We all know that an audience wants to know
what services or products you provide without getting “the runaround,” so it’s more
important than ever to make your point quickly. Infographics help generate more organic search
traffic and increase your SEO ranking, and they are more likely to persuade your audience
to action. So if you’re wondering how to communicate
what your business does, try infographics. With infographics, you can highlight what
your business does – and how it does it – in just a few steps. If you want to really show your audience what
your business does in record time, you need to structure your infographic the right way. This means: 1) Making your business name or services visible at the very top of your infographic 2) Including visual information about your services or business (try to find icons to replace text) 3) Creating a Call to Action at the bottom or side After you’ve built the top out, you can
include information about you, your product, or your services in the middle. This is where you communicate what your business
does, so try to make it as concise as possible. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend sticking
to minimal text (about 30% of the total image) and try to find icons and objects that match
your message. For example, you can use maps to show where
you provide your services, or use people icons to represent who you serve. Then, you always need a Call to Action at
the bottom or side of your infographic (depending on the structure and flow of your template). Just like your business name or services,
you need to make sure that this stands out. Your Call to Action is what is going to get
more traffic, revenue, or clients for your business so don’t forget it! Finally, when you’re starting to create
infographics for your business, it’s always important to stay on brand. The best way to do this is pick colors that
match your logo, business site, or style guide. If you don’t have a style guide, or are
just launching your business, it’s really important to find 2-3 colors and about two
fonts that represent your company, services, or personal brand. This way, you have a “go to” set of colors
and fonts that make creating your infographic even easier!

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