How Do I Create Blog Videos For My Business?

So you’re an entrepreneur and you want to
be producing regular video content for your blog, but you have no idea what to create
content about. In today’s video we’re going to share with
you the #1 type of video you should be doing regularly, and how to come up with your video
content ideas. Hello and welcome to this week’s episode,
where we’re going to eliminate your confusion about what to talk about in your blog videos. Once you’ve gotten your key videos for your
business in place (as we discussed in a previous episode), it’s important to make a plan to
put out regular video content for your growing audience. Our favorite way to accomplish this is to
do regular “Tips” Videos that you can share on your social media pages, your YouTube channel,
and of course, your blog. Tips videos allow you to share your knowledge
and expertise with your audience in a way that’s easy for your viewers to access and
digest. They’re great for not only building your authority
with your current audience, but also attracting new fans and viewers who are interested in
learning more about how you can help them with what you know. If you’ve seen previous episodes of this show,
then you’ll already know that Tips Videos should be kept short – less than 3 minutes, 2 minutes
is even better (as long as you can still get in everything you want to say.) The goal is to provide great takeaway value
for your viewer in a succinct, but still entertaining way. You want to become THE go-to expert in your
field, and the first person someone in your target audience thinks of when they need help
from someone who does what you do. So now you may be wondering, how do I come
up with ideas for what to talk about in my tips videos? Well there are 2 main ways: #1 Think about the most frequently asked questions
that you get from clients or customers who use your products and services. What information do they most commonly want
to know about from you? Chances are if you’re getting these questions
from people you know, then there also are a lot of other people out there with the very
same questions. The 2nd way to create ideas for your videos
is to do keyword research for what topics people are searching for online, when it comes
to your area of expertise. One of the biggest secrets to how the key
players get so much traffic to their blogs and videos is they do their research ahead
of time to discover what a lot of people are looking for during Google and YouTube searches. This information is free for anyone to access
– you just need to know how to find it. And then once you’ve discovered what information
people are searching for, you can utilize that knowledge to create keywords and phrases
for your video content that are more likely to be seen and found in online searches. Thanks so much for watching. We hope you got great value out of this video
and if you’d like to receive more free tips and advice from us, head on over to And don’t just keep it to yourself, go ahead
and share this video with other entrepreneurs you know who are also looking to use online
video to be seen, be known and be profitable!

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