How do I create content for my law firm’s website? | Attorney marketing tips

Alright, we’ve got an hour to spend or a dollar
to spend, where should we go put that? And so you’re smart to be looking around at different
ways to get out there. I don’t know if I heard you say you have a newsletter and a database
and you’re getting that out, that can be a project as well, of course, there’s more expense
involved in getting a newsletter out, so when your newsletter goes out, you want it to be
interesting, just like we talked to Sean about the website. We want the newsletter to be
opened, interesting 40% law and 60% personal or fun or celebretizing of someone in your
community, and have the authors really embedded inside the newsletter. So what we teach is,
here, I’ll just say this, it’s comprehensive. Some people call it complex, and frankly at
the end of the day, there’s only a small number of lawyers who are willing to do what you
have done, which is get a lot things into play. Most give up way too early on this.
The lawyers in Great Legal Marketing who have stayed around, who are top coaching members,
if you watch them and follow them around for a day or two days, you’ll see that they just
do a lot of stuff, and our mastermind members, they just blow everybody away with all of
the different marketing media and content they produce and the people that they employ
so that’s very cool.

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