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During Holidays Hi! It�s Neva at and
this is Rachel coming into Mommy dear. But what I want to talk with you all today is
it�s the holidays, what are you doing in your business for the holidays? So what I
do is I send out cards the same way that we send out cards to our family and friends,
we send out to our business associates. So here�s one that I�m using. See �Happy
Holidays� and it has All About Home Buyers on it. This is for our home buying site. And
then you can see the inside with my message to you. And then the back actually has my
picture on it. You can see I got this from Vistaprint as they have their imprint on the
back. They are doing my marketing as well. So I just wanted to show you all that. I send
these to our tenants. We send them to people that we�ve done business with over the year
� title companies. Just a great way to build business. I�m also a realtor, so I also
send them to people that have been my clients or I�m looking to have them as a client.
It�s just a way to show appreciation to everyone the same way that we want to send
Happy Holidays to our family and friends. We want to send Happy Holidays for our businesses
as well and to wish everyone the best because we want everyone to enjoy the holidays.
So the only thing that I would recommend, as you notice, mine says, �Happy Holidays,�
instead of �Merry Christmas� because there�s so many different holidays that we�re celebrating
this time of year. So, just something universal that everyone can enjoy.
Take care! Bye-bye!

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