How Does Small Business Health Insurance Work?

How does small business health insurance work? There are four things every small business
owner should know about how small business health insurance works. Your application for coverage can never be declined because of a pre-existing medical condition. You need at least one employee to qualify. You have to contribute money towards your employee’s premiums, and you can shop for new coverage at any time of the year. Let’s look at each of these in more detail. First, if you’re eligible for a small business
health insurance plan, your coverage is generally guaranteed to be issued by the insurance company. This means that you, your employees and dependents
cannot be turned down for coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. All the eligible employees of your small business,
and their eligible dependents, have the option to enroll in the new plan regardless of their
medical condition. Second, you may need to have at least one
payroll employee in order to qualify for small business health insurance coverage. That said, rules can vary from one state to
another, and from one insurer to another. A licensed agent can help you understand if
you qualify for coverage in your area. Third, you typically need to pay at least
fifty percent of the monthly health insurance premiums for your employees. The minimum percentage can also vary by state
or insurance company. You may also opt to contribute toward premiums
for dependents. Finally, as a small business owner, you can
shop for health insurance coverage at any time of year. You don’t need to wait for a special open
enrollment period. Once you buy a plan, your premiums are generally
locked in for a year. During the year, you can add new employees
and dependents to the plan or drop coverage for people who no longer work for you. At the end of the year you can typically renew
your coverage or shop for a new plan. To learn more about your small business health
insurance options today, visit

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4 thoughts on “How Does Small Business Health Insurance Work?

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  2. Hello,
    Thanks for the video advise. I did note you categorized on the first minute of the video 1099 employee. I believe they are one or the other. 1099 would be considered a contracted person and not an employee. Workman s compensation uses a questionnaire to determine wether a person is a 1099 or an employee.

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