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Construction projects
don’t have to be messy. From bid to completion, here’s how
Dropbox Business can help. You know better than anyone
that time is money. Save hours at the bidding stage by setting up a secure folder with
all of your essential documents. If third parties
need to send you files, the File Request button ensures the right person
uploads it to the right place. You can also use Dropbox Paper
to collaborate on your project. In this collaborative document,
you can assign tasks, set due dates and add virtually any file type
with your team. You won the bid. Now set up a project folder
and share it with your team. Dropbox seamlessly connects you
with a wide range of tools and no file size limits, so you can collaborate
with architects, designers, vendors and subcontractors no matter what program they use. Gathering feedback is easy too. By connecting Dropbox
to your preferred workflow tool, such as Bluebeam Revu, you can access, mark up
and save your drawings without ever leaving the program. And for everyone else,’s automatic previews allow vendors, clients
and contractors to add annotations and comments
on what needs to change. Since small changes
can have a big impact on a job site, you need one central source
of information. Dropbox gives
your project management team real-time access to drawing, reports
and design files. It integrates with software
like Fieldwire, so when a change is made
on an architect’s desk, the team can action it onsite
right away. Your Dropbox files
are synced automatically, so there’s no need to wait
until your lunchbreak to redownload them either. You can even scan receipts,
invoices and other physical documents with the Dropbox doc scanner. Your Dropbox files
are also available offline, so whether you’re in the open
or five storeys underground, you’ve always got access. No matter the certificate,
document or schematic, Dropbox Business
gives your construction company everything you need to manage
a project from start to finish. Try it today.

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