How I Manifested My Business | Finding Your Purpose Using The Law of Attraction

If you’re working really long hours at a
job you hate, or not feeling creatively fulfilled, or like you’re living up to
your full potential, or if you just have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing
with your life, and you just feel like where you are isn’t where you want to be
then this video is for you! I’m going to show you how to find what your purpose
is and show you exactly how I manifested my business so if you’re struggling to
find your purpose and want to know how I found mine then stay tuned if you’re new
to my channel my name is Mary Kate and I’m a mindset coach manifesting expert
and founder of Everyone wants to know what their
purpose is in life we all want to know what we’re here to do and we all want to
feel creatively fulfilled and happy but finding that purpose takes a lot of
trial and error some people go their whole lives and never figure out what
they were meant to be doing and never feel creative and happy and fulfilled
and a lot of the times it’s because it is that trial and error in order to find
out what you’re supposed to be doing you have to deal with the contrast and you
have to face a lot of different obstacles you’re not just going to be
born into this world and someone’s going to give you a manual and say this is how
you live your life you’re supposed to do this this and this and you’ll be happy
if only life are that easy in order to figure out what you’re supposed to be
doing with your life you have to learn the contrast so if you’re working at a
job you hate that’s the universe showing you contrast that that’s not what’s
meant for you there is something better and more fulfilling that you are meant
to do and it’s up to you to figure out what that is so it’s important to get
clear on the very detailed aspects of what it is about that job that you don’t
like do not like the hours do not feel like you are listened to you do not feel
like you can contribute ideas do not like the people you work with do not
like this salary what specific things are you not liking about where you are
right now it doesn’t have to be your job it could be your house it could be your
relationships it could be so many different aspects of your life if you’re
not where you want to be at any point in your life write it down get really clear
on all of the details of the contrast of what you don’t like in those
circumstances the more you can determine the things you don’t like the more you
can create the things you do like the universe has to show you contrast in
order to figure out what it is that you do want if you don’t experience what you
don’t want you can’t experience what you do want one really amazing tip that I
can give you if you’re feeling really stuck and unfulfilled and just generally
unhappy nothing is permanent your life could change at any minute so if you’re
feeling stuck know that it’s not permanent and it’s up to you to do the
work to figure out where you are supposed to be what you are supposed to
be doing and when you find your purpose everything falls into place so it’s
always important to start with where you are your current circumstances and
what’s not working I know when using the law of attraction you’re supposed to
always focus on the good and the positive and the happy but you also need
to get clear on what’s not working take whatever situation in your life that
you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled or not living like you’ll that not feeling
like you’re living your truest potential and write it down write down the details
figure out what it is that you don’t like about whatever circumstance you’re
in and now next to it I want you to create what you do want I want you to
write down all of the things you do want in your next job and your next house in
your next relationship whatever circumstance you’re creating I want you
to write down what you do want to create you already got clear on the things that
you’ve no longer want things that no longer serve you things that you don’t
want in your life so now write your news story write what
you do want to create write what you want to have more of in your life I’m
going to share with you a little secret you are far more powerful than you’ll
ever able to comprehend do you realize that even the idea of you being a human
being on this earth is such a miracle in itself that you are infinite potential
you can have be or do anything you literally start it off as a miracle I
went through the whole process of going from a little tiny ball of cells to
growing into an actual human being it is beyond amazing and it’s something
we’ll never be able to comprehend and your power is infinite and the
sooner you figure that out the sooner you can harness it and create your life
on your terms you are infinite potential if you agree with me leave me a comment
below I am infinite potential because you are you can have be or do anything
you want so understand that power now that you’re clear on all of the things
that you intend to create in your life I want you to write down things that you
are passionate about are you passionate about music are you passionate about
painting are you passionate about the law of attraction what are you
passionate about it can be simple things do you like being on your computer do
you like going to the beach just what brings you joy what makes you feel at
peace because the things that bring you joy and make you feel at peace are
little hints from the universe showing you that that’s what you should be doing
more of so write down all of those things that you’re passionate about some
of them might not even make sense writing that you’re passionate about
going to the beach you don’t have to think about how that could be a career
you don’t have to judge them just write down the things that make you feel good
things that make you feel good will attract more things that make you feel
good and remember you are infinite potential you can have be or do anything
you want so on this piece of paper now you have all of the things that you
don’t like about your current circumstances the job you don’t like
whatever situation you don’t like and next to it you have all the things you
intend to create all the things you do want out of a new job out of a new
circumstance although the things you do want to
create and now you have a list of things you’re passionate about this is the
groundwork for figuring out your purpose it really is that easy you have a list
of everything you intend to create and a list of your passions now how can you
connect the two you don’t need to figure it out right this second you don’t need
to have the answer right this second this is where you need to ask the
universe for an answer get quiet meditate listen to the
universe because like I always say the universe is always trying to communicate
with you and it’s up to you to listen you were sending out very clear
intentions of things you want to create you have a list of things you’re
passionate about the universe will help you connect the two together and you’ll
have your aha moment of what you’re meant to be doing don’t get frustrated
if you don’t get the idea right away or within a week or within a month you will
figure it out in the right time trust the divine timing you are infinite
potential and because you know and understand that things will always work
out in your favor when you know that you are consciously creating your life
things always work out you don’t have to worry about anything because it all
works out and you can trust and understand that the answer will come to
you and you will find your purpose things that didn’t even make sense like
going to the beach how could that be a career you never know you could get
hired as a nature conservationist you could be studying the oceans you could
become a marine biologist you never know how it’s gonna work out the universe
works in mysterious ways and now that you have that list and you’re sending
out the clear message to the universe it’ll put together and connect all the
little pieces for you the universe will take care of you as long as you’re
sending out the messages and getting clear on what you want and consciously
creating your life stop giving up your power
stop feeling stuck in life and frustrated don’t give up your power
because you were infinite potential so for me personally my journey was a lot
of trial and error I went through all the phases of working on jobs I hated I
have lived in four states I’ve always been a little bit impulsive in the fact
where if I felt compelled to do something I did it so when I was living
in California I was working at a job I really couldn’t stand and I was working
really really really long hours really late into the night and I just remember
at one night getting so completely frustrated I was just wondering what I
was doing with my life I was meant to be doing so much more than I was doing I
was qualified to be doing way more than I could be doing and I just felt like I
wasn’t creatively fulfilled or living the life I was supposed to live and I
did the steps exactly like what I just told you to do I wrote down all the
things that weren’t working then I wrote down all the things I wanted to create
and then I wrote a list of my fashions I had been bouncing around
trying different jobs I tried to nine-to-five I hated it I tried working
in real estate because I loved houses I hated it I tried working at so many
different jobs and it was trial and error I had to try something before I
figured out I didn’t like it so where you are right now might be a trial you
tried it and you didn’t like it so move on find out what you do like I had trial
and error too I didn’t just create a business out of nowhere I was always
using the law of attraction and I never thought about it as a career the things
I wrote down on that paper where that I wanted to work from home I wanted to
feel creatively fulfilled I wanted to help people and my job now has all of
those aspects and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled I am in the business of
changing lives and I am eternally grateful and honored to do what I do
being able to help my clients achieve massive success in their life is a dream
come true I love being able to reach out to you and share all of my knowledge
about the law of attraction and how you can change your life it’s such a
powerful feeling when you’re on the path of doing what you’re meant to do and the
second you tap into your purpose the universe rewards you by putting all the
pieces together and accelerating everything to happen in order to do what
you’re meant to do so when I wrote down the law of attraction as one of my
passions on my page next to the things I don’t want and the things I intend to
create I didn’t really put that much thought into it I wrote down my passions
and figured I would just kind of observe and see what happened and you know think
about how I can incorporate my passions into what I wanted to do with my life
it didn’t really I didn’t have a light bulb moment nothing crazy happened I
just got clear at what I didn’t want and what I did what and what I’m passionate
about just like I’m telling you to do I had been studying the law of attraction
for probably over five years at this point
and I just was passionate about it it was just simply a passion didn’t know
it’d be a career yet one day I noticed that a lot of people have always come to
me in my life and I me for advice I have always been the
person that even strangers will just come to me for advice
I feel honored I mean that’s kind of a trustworthy position to be in when
people are asking you for advice people trust you and want to know your opinion
and I’ve always been giving out advice I realized that I was kind of an aha
moment a lot of people asked me for advice and one day I noticed that a lot
of the advice I gave to people was based on principles of the law of attraction
how you know you need to change your mindset needed to change the way you’re
viewing thing is if you want to attract better things into your life and that
still wasn’t obvious to me yet that this would be a career these were just things
I simply noticed and was aware of because like I tell you the universe
though is communicating with you and it’s up to you to listen so I’ve always
been a listener I’d wanted to create a YouTube channel and I made a couple
videos and you know didn’t really know what I was doing and one day I created
my crazy law of attraction stories and that video took off I shared some of my
favorite things I manifested in my life and I realized that there was this whole
other community of people who were also passionate about the law of attraction
and people who wanted to learn more so I started sharing my knowledge I
started connecting with people I started coaching people and from there I ended
up creating my business MK magic mindset calm now I have digital
courses my digital course abundance Academy and I get so many rave reviews
from all of my students in there I love helping people get success using
the law of attraction and I’m honored to be able to share this knowledge with you
how I found my career is based on listening to the universe figuring out a
lot of the synchronicities how people were asking me for advice following my
impulses just listening and being aware of what was being communicated to me and
from there I took action and now I am living proof that once you find your
purpose and take action you can live your life feeling creatively fulfilled
and live your life the way you want on your terms all of those things that I
intended to create on that list are all true now and I want to inspire you that
you can do the same to you are infinite potential and you can
have be or do anything you want where you are right now is temporary create
the job that you want create circumstances in your life that you want
live your life feeling creatively fulfilled and live life on your terms
and do things that make you happy that’s how you know you’re in alignment with
what you’re meant to be doing I also plan on doing a video on step by step
how I built my business full transparency the platforms that use how
to go about doing everything so if you have a passion you’re interested in
pursuing or a business that you always wanted to start this video is gonna kind
of give you step by step how to do it if you’re interested leave me a comment
below and I’ll make that video for you I think it’d be really fun but definitely
leave me a comment below if it’s something you’d be interested in and I
really hope you enjoy this video and that you found value from it and that
you feel like you really are in charge of creating your life if you like this
video be sure to give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below I read every
single one and I love hearing from you and also be sure to turn on the Bell
notifications so you get notified whenever I post a new video so you don’t
miss one and as always be sure to check out my website and
I will see you next time

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