How I started my business selling T-shirts online

Hey guys today I wanted to tell you the story of
how I started my little apparel company I find it’s something that people are usually quite
interested in I guess just because it’s something that’s not that common a thing to do um, and if anyone watching has been thinking
about starting up something similar themselves Have a listen to my story and then let’s talk
about yours in the comments So my label is called Liner Note Kids it was called Lake effect Kid when I first started just because that was a song title that I
liked and it was my username everywhere at the time but I changed it because I wanted the name to mean a little bit more and be something that was separate from just my online pseudonym. So I came up with the term Liner Note Kids to represent people who, like me are just super passionate about music
and bands and going to shows and they basically wanna wear that passion with pride. It came from the fact that the kids that passion the ones that the
bands are usually thanking in the Liner Notes of their albums when they say things like
thanks to all the fans making this happen so, yeah, I thought the name fit. so this all
really started when I designed this tshirt to wear while promoting Fall Out Boy’s new album in my hometown. It’s pretty cringe-worthy to look at now but it was like five years ago and I was still learning so… after having so much fun designing that shirt I decided to make another one with a lyric on it
that I could wear to a show I was going to and that’s this one here. Even though the font is pretty bad on this I still actually really love this shirt.
I guess more for sentimental value maybe but yeah I posted this on Tumblr along with
the other one and people seem to really like them so that sort of got me inspired to design a whole range of lyric shirts so I was
really lucky that my friend Katie introduced me to a guy she knew you in town called Phil who ran a custom t-shirt printing store and that meant that I was actually able to start selling those designs online Now, I did this is a super super DIY way, I just posted the designs on Tumblr and people had to email me with their order I have absolutely no idea why anyone
trusted me but if any of my original buyers are watching this:
thank you for trusting me because it obviously all worked out really well in the end I was super keen to get another collection out fairly quickly after the success of the first one so I teamed up with my friend Shazz who is
an awesome writer and we took lines from poems and short
stories that she’d written and I made t-shirt designs from them this whole collection had a whole lot more
planning and consideration gone into it which was really fun and really good
learning experience and I was a little bit worried that maybe people
wouldn’t wanna buy these ones as much just because they
weren’t lyrics from their favorite bands but luckily I was proven wrong and
people loved it and it was great the next line also had a lot of thought
and planning gone into it. It was called school for the desperate and devoted and I wanted the t-shirts in this line to feel like a uniform that all us pop-punk kids could wear and really feel like we’re a part of something cool. The
most successful design from this line was probably this hoodie which had headphones on the hood and a little message that was revealed only when you put the hood up. after that line I decided that I really wanted to get a better print quality for my t-shirts because up until now they’ve
been done using heat pressed vinyl method which is great because it’s super quick and
cheap and you can do customizations really easily but it also
has a lot of limitations with how detailed the design can be and the print can actually fall off once the t-shirt gets a bit old and you’ve worn and washed it lots so that wasn’t ideal I knew that screen printing would give me the
best quality print but it was really expensive to get that done in a store so I learned how to do it myself and I’m sure
I’ll show you that in a future video I sort of relaunched the brand at this point too
and had a proper website and an online store using a platform that still use today actually
called Storenvy just because it’s really awesome and
it’s got a great community on there too So now I’ve had two screenprint lines out and they’re a mix of awesome lyrics, quotes, even some more graphical ones but still with bands and music as the main inspiration behind all the shirts.
Those ones are all still available for sale in my online store and I’m really pleased with
the quality of them both of the design and the printing and I don’t want to bore you guys with all the little details of what each tshirt means and the inspiration behind each one but if you wanna read about that then you can
have a look at my website and it’s all there a link to it down in the description box. So
I’ve been doing this for years now and i haven’t kept at it for the money because
in all honesty I don’t make that much from it I just love using this as a creative
outlet and I love making t-shirts that I like to wear but most of all I just love
that there’s people all over the world who are wearing my designs and that they thought
something I’d made was good enough for them to spend their money on. and that is just
so cool. So this little company just means so much to me and even though I’ve slowed down on the
collection releasing lately, I can’t see myself ever stopping with this little venture cos it’s just too much fun I hope you enjoyed this little story, and if you wanna go and check out the store for yourself then there’s a link to it down there in the
description box, and if you see anything you like while you’re over there then you can use this discount code to get 20% off please make sure you’re subscribed and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it And like I said at the start if anyone
who’s watching has been thinking about starting up something like this themselves then please leave a comment and let’s talk! I’ll see you next time guys. Bye!

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100 thoughts on “How I started my business selling T-shirts online

  1. I started my Tshirt line a few months ago and it seems only the first product I put up there was successful, I'm not sure how to market my products to people because I don't know a lot of people. I feel like most people's success is luck, that someone stumbles across your design and then the hype starts from there.

    If you want to check out my store at the moment the link is

  2. Did you take a screen printing class or did you just figure it out. My dad is wanting me to take a class but it's $300 🙁

  3. One thing I don't understand is how does someone make a good profit? like if one shirt is like 30$ and you sold it for like 30-35$ how would you make money?

  4. This is awesome! I've actually have a T-shirt line I've tried to start but I've always struggled with promoting it and actually getting anyone to grab a t-shirt. It's called Favored and I'm excited about the designs. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  5. hey well nice knowledge you're giving I'm sure it's gonna help lot of people who are on this path and me also. well I don't know what you up to these days I hope you didn't stop doing it. I have something in my mind I think it's gonna help both of us.
    I hope I hear from you

  6. Hey Charli Marie!
    Lovve yuur videos, I have a tie die business + I'm just getting in to screen printing. Yuur videos they have helped so much… so thank yuu!! 💖

  7. Well I've been told a number of times I should get into it b/c I make shirts, print them and done a few for others. It's a disability thing,… I do actually have a few so called lines, logos to but the are in folders hehe. I do make myself tees, hoodies, and just apply it to stuff…I'll like to try and print where most won't, like leggings, I went down the whole leg. 🤘

  8. Hi…I'm looking into starting a t shirt online and I was wondering about the quality of t-shirt. I'm first starting one gear towards women and I was looking for blank t shirt similar to your style. Any suggestions on vendors on how I could find any. Thanks

  9. Great video.. just wondering, are song lyrics copyrighted? Do you have to get permission before putting it on a T-shirt to sell?

  10. What site do you use to sell your product through? The link provided isn't working properly it sends me to a page saying NGINX is working. Also have you ever used a merchant to get your shirts initally before you switched to screen print or never tried it? How did you come up with the designs too? PS or hand?

  11. You mentioned you printing lyrics from a song to your shirts, will it have copy right issues? I'm just a teen wanting to start a t shirt business. Pls reply 🙂

  12. I have a question what did you charge initially when selling t-shirts? i am trying to start selling using personal designs and I am not sure what a good price is?

  13. hi
    can you please explain me , if i start a t shirt business on online and customer order a products . how you deliver it to the customer.. cz every single customer ordered from different place. is there any cost effective way u can tell me.. please
    thanx in advance..

  14. Super cool story! Love that you collaborated to make a bigger dream happen. Use what you have and reach out to others. I have met tons of people with niche areas just by putting myself out there. T-shirts are super cute and love your vibe!

  15. just wondering, where do you buy the actual t-shirts that you print onto? (do you bulk order those or buy them in a normal store etc.)?

  16. Great video. Inspiring. When you very first started did you have a business license? I want to start my own tshirt business but am unsure if i need a business license to conduct business.

  17. Thank you for all you videos. I've had some shirts printed up and sitting in my closet cause I've been too scared to put myself out there. I just barely made a shirt and posted it and it sold really well. I'm looking into doing the screen printing myself cause it is expensive with all the minimum qty requirements. I'm still trying to find your video that shows how you get the design onto the screen. I would love to pick your brain and talk tips and tricks! Your awesome and your videos are such a breath of fresh air. This is all pretty overwhelming

  18. Love you video …I'm interested in starting a t-shirt business…did it you find it to be expensive to start up?

  19. Thank you very much, excellent presentation. Can you actually do your own printing or you have to go to the store?

  20. Although this video is four years old I just came across your channel and found it very interesting. I have a question for you: can you manage well having an online store with your own artworks and a full time job as a designer at the same time? I can see some life goals here for myself.

  21. I had to pause when I heard Fall Out Boy…I literally just came back from watching the boys of zummer tour show….O_o

  22. Hey charli, so the issue i'm having with starting a clothing company is no one is meeting in the middle when it comes to designs. one guy wants a master piece to be the only seller my idea is to at least have the name out there where people can talk about us and start liking our shirts etc. my idea is to release at least 5 shirt at the most for picture and website purposes. please tell me what you think…

  23. You are almost impossible to understand , you are slurring your words plus you have a thick accent so more than half is not understandable, also your shirts are so boring who would buy these? wtf!!! not helpful how did you sell these what pr did u do?

  24. Than you. Your story has motivated me! I just entered into making customized T-Shirts, Mugs….Gift items business. 🙂

  25. Congrats on your success. I'm just now starting on this path as well. Do you still POD or do you hold shirt blanks in bulk? Any advice

  26. I don't hv the equipment yet to make shirts, but I'm a artist that want send my designs to a online store, and make tees, how do i do that, and how do it secure my company designs and name , when i do

  27. Thank you for sharing. Started a graphic project selling t-shirts and other merchandise at for a month now. A good video that is inspirational:)

  28. Thanks so much ! I've been printing for 5 years and never thought of Pinterest and Tublr so thanks for that

  29. Can u give a ballpark of how much money you made in the beggining and now? Btw I could understand you perfectly and I'm from America. New York though, we speak fast as well. Just surprised that ppl. had a hard time understanding you.

  30. Thanks so much!! I Thought of heat press but I Love the vividness of screen printing. You’ve helped so much. Thanks

  31. I think its pretty amazing what youve done with this buissness. Good job. Im trying to get my brand launched as well,and really wanted to get some shirts and hoodies done, but dont know anything about this side of things, your video helped alot thanks

  32. Hi Charlie, I've got two shirts designed. Which online t-shirt company do you sell from? Is it still Store Envy? Would they be suitable for a US business?

  33. I want to start my own shirt business. What equipment do I need to actually make the Shirts? I basically need the 101 on everything when it comes to this.

  34. Hi my name is Nene and I like making shirts that inspire people to never give up. I. Have some hoodie I'm doing through customink. We love to talk to you and get feedback and some info
    Thanks love your headphone hoodie .

  35. umm i have no money to buy the stuff reqiered for the silk screen what schould i do i am going to make a small shop

  36. I officially started creating a online t-shirt biz on April 13, 2018. I had a lot to learn and I also had to find a "niche" that I thought was a little less typical but had a large potential customer base. I finally decided on a Christian t-shirt shop and began creating my shirts. The niche was a natural for me as I was raised in a Christian home with a preacher father and there wasn't a time the church door wasn't unlocked that my entire family wasn't there. I'm more spiritual than religious but I hope I picked the right market and will try some unique marketing to Christian groups in addition to the usual like F.B. and instagram, etc. I'm also have a section donated to the new age people and a bit worried it will put off the Christians but I love everyone and I meditate myself daily and I'd say I'm hooked on it. I don't think I'd make it without the benefits it provides to me and I pray too. The simple fact is you can't please everyone. Thank you for sharing and giving me hope. I work long hours everyday on my designs and site and it brings me great joy. I also sell sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and coffee mugs with the same designs. Wish me luck!

  37. Hello Ma'am
    I also started a t-shirt business and it has been eight months. I don't made any profit but i learn lots of things and its good when u start something or doing it. I have no idea of t-shirt materials, style or fashion and a little bit of knowledge. My focus on graphic design, quotes and creative works on t-shirt i want to try. My business goes through fb page and have limitation to reach customer or delivery to customer. I want to expand my business. Can you give suggestion to me .GOD BLESS YOU

  38. Thanks for this video, it is VERY HELPFUL.

    Which software do you use to design the T-SHIRTS?

    I'm about to start a T-SHIRT business…

    Thanks in advance for answering

  39. Hello awesome content! Can you please share how you promote or make actual sales. I have created shirts and have a website and even done a few Facebook ads, but no success. Any great tips will be appreciated. Thank you!

  40. Hello, I am a student. I want to do this project in the summer, but I have the following questions:

    * How do I market my products and find customers?

    * What do I start with free paper or ?

    * How much price should I sell in the first§

    i from in morocco

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