How I Started My HAIR BUSINESS + Everything You Need To Know.

I have to write stuff down a little bit. I will forget I’ll not remember everything that I had to say in this video So yes My name is Jean if you new to my channel welcome go ahead and subscribe so you don’t miss any on my video So today as you can tell by the title I’m gonna talk a little bit about my hair business talk about how I started what I’m using What hair do I have and you know a little bit of everything that you need to know? So I’ll give you guys a little background when I was in high school I used to do my hair every week like my natural hair I was too gonna do this alone and do my hair every week. So my hair got damaged I started wearing braids I study wearing weaves and stuff. So I Got to a point that I cut my hair. That’s how I start learning watching YouTube videos and everything So that’s how I also started my youtube channel today If I can watch something and learn from it So I could start my own channel and make other people learn from my videos also So that’s how I started doing hair and videos and stuff like that. So What I have business, I wanted to start with the lashes. I had my banger I had tested lashes and I was ready to launch it, but I didn’t really have the opportunity to Start a hair business because the hair business is much more than to start the lashes He was like if you like him go forget if you like the hair business go for a hair business You could start with the hair who bring lashes after and everything. So that’s what I did So let’s move on to yeah, I have to write stuff down a little bit if I’m looking down That’s me now in my notebook. I don’t forget. I’ll not remember everything that I was that I had to say in this video So yes, okay put a website. It’s I’ll write it somewhere for you guys You also can follow me on my business Instagram, which is EBG shop And I also have the Facebook page for the business about the textures. I have three different texture I have the straight the body wave and the deep way. So let me show you guys what I mean This is the straight This is the body weight and this is the deep wave So this is the straight this is a 22 inches 22 inches can’t see it 22 inches like right up to my butt So right now this is the longest length that I have I want to get more length in the future Like I studied from the 14th to change to inches and I’m gonna show you guys the body wave This is my body. Wave. This is a 20 inch body. Wave I’m also gonna show you guys where the 20 inch is. I want to pull it I’m gonna damage the texture but it’s kind of like big So this is my deep wave and I’m also wearing it right now It’s nice and bouncy I could do whatever I want with it like it It’s just perfect and you guys also have frontal enclosures. I have things in my front. Oh and I also have the five by five closure So this is the five by five closure. This is a body wave It’s a nice big eNOS. So I’m not gonna take it off quiz It’s for one of my customers. So I don’t want to open it. This is a straight front. Oh This is the 13 by 4 and I’m wearing one right now My photos enclosure also come with baby here and it’s pre plucked. I don’t know if you guys can tell it have It have baby here and scoop look so It’s done for you guys So moving on to my packaging on my packaging I have this bubble wrap and It’s gold. That’s my logo in the coalition motherboard is this This is the logo It’s white black and gold nominate the same thing for my packaging I can keep the hair on it and go it’s pretty cute So that’s how you’re gonna receive your hair when you order this one I showed you is the type for the hair here and it comes like this I Have the link and the texture in the back with my social media information So in the packaging you’re gonna have your hair this thank you card And I have hair tip in the back how to wash the hand stuff. That’s what you’re gonna receive I also have my business card, which is almost the same thing I have my social media information in the back also, so you see how it’s kind of match for my photo entry I also have this tag that have my logo on it and How it’s gonna look when you me see So let’s talk a little bit about the price. I have single bundle so you can buy single bundle week Just a closure on front Oh, I start from watching and shoot 22 from 60 to 85 dollars And I also have one dojo which is including 3 bundles with one frontal from 160 to 350 depends of the lip and the texture you want with the prices it was the hardest thing to do because I had to include packaging hair accessories and stuff that Business card my thank you pride and everything But without hair business, so it was really difficult I’m like, I need anybody to support me. You know, I had doubts at first so I was thinking and my college student because I know the struggle how it is to buy a hair bundle, but Quality is everything quality is watching me quality is what you want. And also you guys are working on something very excited I’m bringing my own lace tent if you guys know me, you know that I hate bleaching mice I love hair colors, but I hate bleaching it So if I could find something that I could just bleach the hair without smelling anything, I would love that But the least thing I was doing my research and I find out how I can do it on my own So I tried it and it worked so I want to show you guys I’m gonna show you a little sample So this is my system boy that I have I know they both look the same right now, but this one is light brown and this one is dark brown I’m gonna spray a napkin and show you guys exactly I’m gonna spring you’re right. They Show you guys So this is the light brown Right here this one is the dark brown right here So this is our difference This is what I’m working on right now. So stay tuned for that I’m very excited about this. I’m thinking a hugging boat the small bottle and this I think it’s eight pounds I know what else to talk about I think I covered everything. So if you guys have any question, you know, it sounds a little out answer you right away So if I miss something let me know I love you guys like the video subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys on my next one

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  1. Are you planning on doing more videos on how to start your business?im working on starting mine and I need a bit of help,like registering the company and making websites.please help with information if you have about those two.

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