How I to Sell Websites to Clients and Business Owners Using Elementor

Selling websites for a living. When are
we, in 1998? Nope, if you know how to create websites quickly, I can tell you
that this business can be really remunerative. I’ve been selling websites
created with Elementor for the last four years, and I can honestly tell you that
there is no better moment when to start. And in this video I will explain to you
how I started and I will teach you how you can do the same. So keep watching and
welcome to The Growth Academy. Ths video is the natural extension of another
video that I created that was about selling Facebook ads and chatbots.
So if you haven’t watched that video I put the link in the description below
this video. Go down, click on the link and watch that video before this one, or what
I’m gonna talk about won’t have much sense for you. Long story short, I was
creating Facebook ads and chatbots for clients and I was charging the first
month $200. If they liked the resource and they wanted to continue then from
the second month my rate was $500 per month. And as I said in the other
video in my first attempt three years ago, I got five clients starting from the
first month. But then you have to think that I was upselling other services over
that, and this is where Elementor come into play. If you’re not familiar with
Elementor, it is a page builder for WordPress. It’s super simple to use, is a
drag-and-drop system, you decide which object you want to put inside your page,
you take the object, you drag it into the page, and voila. You have your web page
created. It’s as simple as drawing your website on a piece of paper. And me being
a web designer for the majority of my life and I was creating websites from
scratch with HTML and CSS, I still think that Elementor is the best way to create
a website. I use Elementor right now instead of starting from scratch, and
that means that all those years that I was studying web design I wasted my
time. But the meaning of this video is to
teach you how to convince people to buy websites from you. After I sold the first
month to create a Facebook ad and a chatbot for my clients, I was upselling a
redesign of their website. I recreated the homepage of that client with
Elementor and I was showing them this page and I was saying look, I can rebuild
your website. This is an example of how it could look. This is what I created for
your homepage. If you want me to work on the other pages and redesign the
entire website, well instead of $200, let’s make it $1,000 or
$1,500 or $2,000. It depends on how big was the website. Let’s do this price, and I will
create a Facebook ad for you and I will redesign your website. If you use
Elementor before you know how easy and quick it is to create a page. Even if you
don’t have a great taste with design, you can use a template. And offering help for
free before charging for money gives you two different advantages. First of all,
the client will hardly refuse the offer. They will take a look at the home page
that you created because why not. I’m not spending any money. Let me take a look at
this home page. And secondly, you will create trust, because the client will see
that you have the skills to rebuild their website. And if you watch the other
videos from my youtube channel, you already know that I use this kind of
technique with every project and every niche I have to work with. I always help
for free before I propose my service. A client will become a client just when he
will trust you and will know that you have the skills to do your job. If you
don’t have a huge following of people who adore you, well you have to do use this method. You have to help for free, you have to show
people that you know what you’re doing, that you’re good with what you’re doing,
and after they trust you, in that case you can charge. Trust is everything in
marketing. I will never get tired of saying this. Trust is everything.
A person will decide to pay you just when he trusts you. Back to Elementor, if
you’re still not using the Pro version of Elementor,
I created a document to explain to you 10 different reasons why you should use
Elementor. You should start using Elementor right now. I put the link below
this video, you have the link below. Click on the link, download the PDF, download
the document and start reading why you should use Elementor right now. And since
I’m not getting any money from Elementor, well you’re welcome Elementor team. If
you are already using Elementor, I have another document for you. I created a
document with the 5 best free add-ons for Elementor. The best plugins you can
download that will make the experience with Elementor even better.
Again, you have the link below in the description, get it in the description and
download this document. Before I close if you liked this video and you find it
useful, subscribe to my channel. Subscribe to the channel, click on the bell so
you won’t miss out on any new video I will upload on my channel. And I want to leave
you with a question that you can reply in the comments. What’s stopped you so far
from selling websites with Elementor if it’s so easy and so quick to create
something new for a client? Reply to this question in the comments below. I will
read every single comment and I will reply to every single comment. So I see
you there in the discussion or otherwise in the next video.
Cheers, mate.

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  1. I havent read it yet, but, the best and most user friendly custom post types, tax & cust fields creator that has appropriate widgets for Elementor ?

  2. I Need a remotely Person who can help me to getting New Projects related to Software Industry (Like: Web Development & Designing, Software Development, Android Apps Development and Graphics Designing etc.). This will be a commission based job. Just Interested Person inbox me. Thanks.

  3. Great set of videos, i am surprised that you do not deliver your downloads in facebook messenger. I purchased a premade elementor website, found the page load speed to be awful.

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