How I use an iPad Pro in my business workflow. Can it replace my computer?

that shooting scene had nothing to do
with any of this but I just figured hope you are doing well happy I don’t
know a clue what day it is anymore but one thing I realized in life is when you
don’t know what day it is whatsoever that means you’re really enjoying life
because you’re not anticipating certain days and not looking forward to other
days every day is a great day that’s the way I live my life so recently a lot of
people have asked me what I use my iPad pro for because clearly you’ve seen if
you watch a lot of these vlogs that I use my iPad all the time it’s always
right next to me here on the desk and it’s also the only thing that I usually
bring with me places and the short answer of what I use my iPad pro for is
everything except for video editing outside of the main video editing and
photo editing with programs like final cut or premiere or Lightroom which I
have to use the computer for every single other thing that I do in like
everyday life is completely on an iPad that’s kind of the easiest answer so
right now on my iPad I have fantastical up which fantastical is a amazing
calendar application it is just the best of the best I do not use Apple’s
built-in I use fantastical on the iPad on my iPhone it’s just a tremendous apid
I just love it so calendars above all and since everybody will ask what case
do I use with this this is actually called the zag messenger case and even
though it is bulky and it’s probably mixed the iPad weighs three times or
four times what it actually does I really like this case for two reasons
number one it that’s a keyboard which is the obvious I do a lot of typing on my
iPad so I like to have a keyboard it also has a magnetic stand here so you
can like put it at any angle that you prefer and it just magnetizes and stays
instantly but what I love the most about it is that this is just a magnet so this
just pops out like that and suddenly you have the iPad pro and a nice easy to
carry case that has six feet draw protection or something like that and
then it also has an eye pad pencil Apple pencil holder built into it which I love
so I love being able to grab this and do whatever I want for every day iPad use
but then out of nowhere BAM magnet magnet and you’re ready to work I’m just feeling super grateful today I
don’t know if it’s just at a Thanksgiving week but I’m just so
thankful for what I get to do and the fact that like the videos that I edit
90% of the time have a purpose behind them they have a purpose whether it is
to lift somebody up with encouragement through some of the videos I do for the
church whether it’s to challenge people through YouTube videos whether it’s
wedding videos which are designed to help people relive their incredible days
everything I do video wise is like it has a real purpose and that’s just super
exciting that that’s like what I get to do full-time just awesome I mean I know
that every job like has a purpose like no matter what you do there’s a purpose
for the job itself but not everybody loves the job see I just think that too
many people are driven so much in their careers and driven in what they’re
looking to do in life that they’re driven so much by money and they’re
driven so much by whatever job can make me the most money or whatever
opportunity can make me the most money that’s the one I take and they take the
next best job in the next-best this and yet so many people I think are working
jobs that they don’t love just because they make a lot of money if we were to
put more value into what do we really want to do with life what do we really
want to have people say about us when we leave this earth what legacy we want to
have I think we’d all look a lot differently at the things we do and I
think that’s just super important to do what you love to do and let the money
come from that I know that that does not always possible it’s not possible to
just say okay well I absolutely love to write so I’m going to make a living I
know that there are difficulties behind that but I just think if we were to
focus more on not the money and more about what we really love doing we’d all
be happier beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go you should have seen how on-time I was
gonna be that one o’clock meeting I guess I was just thirty minutes early I’m doing great how are you guys okay
well that meeting went a little bit longer than I wanted to but it actually
was a productive meeting we’re talking a lot lately about 2018 and what the next
year looks like 2018 is gonna be the first full year that I’m doing for LC
studios full time so it’s important to just have a game plan you got to have a
plan or you ain’t gonna reach your goals so getting back to a little bit more of
the use behind what I use the iPad pro for a lot is another thing that I really
like to do is once I’m completely finished with the film and I’ve watched
it on a higher quality monitor and I watched it and listen to it through
headphones and different things on my main computer I like to export that film
and I like to airdrop it directly in full quality to my iPad Pro and then I
watch it on the iPad pro with just the built-in iPad pro speakers because
regardless of how good my headphones are or how good a monitor is or how good a
color calibrated monitor is the average person doesn’t watch it on those devices
they watch it on something like an iPad or an iPhone or something like that and
so I really feel it’s important which I’ve talked about before it’s really
important to watch your films the completed final finals that you have
exported for the couple to watch them on multiple devices because you’d be
surprised how different stuff translates every once in a while when you have it
on high fidelity speakers and the perfect ideal setup and then you watch
it on a phone or on something different and it actually doesn’t translate the
same way one of the number one things that I use my iPad for is my social
media and communication hub if you look at almost all of my apps on the home
screen it is youtube twitter linkedin facebook facebook pages podcasting just
everything that is my social hub and i really like to have like a dedicated
device or devices I should say to social media platforms because when I’m
working on my computer I find that it’s very easy to get distracted if I have
Twitter notifications and YouTube notifications and all those things on my
computer because as they pop up in front of my face while I’m editing I can be
really thrown off and not stay in the zone where if I really dedicate let’s
say this iPad for example or even my phone as the dedicated device for those
it’s good because I can turn the notifications off on those devices and
then when I go and have a second of free time if I’m exporting something and I
want to go check on social media I one device that really keeps all the
notifications of things on here so big difference is that on my phone I have no
notifications for things like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and all those
platforms that I use so regularly no notifications being on that that enables
me to know if I actually want to be productive in a social media environment
I really want to check on things I can pull up my iPad on my iPads the only one
that actually has all those notifications on it and I can stay
really productive in that in that phase when I’m on the iPad versus when I’m on
my phone I can do things that are different and when I’m on my computer
I’m only doing things that are really business oriented so it really allows me
to use these devices to separate things as well not just what device I feel like
using at any given time they all have their uses and the more and more that I
feel like you can integrate something like an iPad it’s not just an extension
of your computer but it’s its own computer there are things that I can’t
do on the computer that I can do so seamlessly and fast on the iPad that I
love and with the built-in LTE on the iPad it’s really convenient for me
because I can take that one device to anywhere and not have to worry about
hopping on their Wi-Fi or or connecting with this or I just can use it
instantaneously open it up check some email check some social media stuff I
can keep the laptop at home a little bit more and I like to be able to do that
because the eye patch is much more portable the battery life lasts so much
longer I can plug it into a USB power bank and just have battery life forever
and one of the biggest things that I love about the iPad is the Apple pencil
and whether you have a surface pro when you have the surface pen the whole point
of stylus something like that where can really draw and really find the iPad
is my go-to tool that if I’m just literally brainstorming let’s say I’m
brainstorming my gear change and I’m trying to figure out what camera I want
to get for this to do this and something I want to write pros and cons or I want
to just sketch things around my brain works so different when I have a tactile
device that I can write on I’m not a pen and paper person but I’m absolutely an
Apple pencil fan and just the idea of not drawing but just jotting things down
so without question this is absolutely my go-to device when I am just
brainstorming ideas are figuring out new ideas or working on things and that’s
something that the laptop can’t do that’s something that my iPhone can’t do
it’s only something unique to the iPad pro so I’m really find that there’s more
and more uses for bringing this into my creative workflow other than just the
everyday purpose of it’s a big phone because I don’t look at it as that it’s
just a big 10 and a half inch iPhone or that it’s just a smaller version of a
laptop I look at it as a device that does something that nothing else can
from a productive standpoint the Adobe Lightroom cc app is absolutely one of my
favorite apps that I use all the time when I’m actually calling through images
and deciding on good ones and deleting ones that aren’t good and then then this
just sinks through Lightroom mobile right to my computer and it’s really
convenient I can sit on the couch and cool through images really easy and
because it’s built in LTE it just sinks in real time it’s super useful for me
because I don’t need a computer and the bulk of a computer and the bulk their
battery life to choose the best images from a photo shoot I love being able to
do it all on here and then being able to do all the fine touching of color and
all that on the iPad with a pencil is something I love so hopefully that
explains a little bit more what I use my iPad for it’s a vital tool in what I do
from a business standpoint and especially with a program like Tov a
where I do all my client communication emails invoices contracts every aspect
of what I do in tal they can be done entirely and is usually done entirely in
the iPad and that is huge for me because I love that I can do anything when it
comes to client communication and business stuff entirely on this device I
do not need a laptop to do anything that I do for my business except for the main
editing and that’s you for me because if I can carry this
around more and moving into the future carrying around more and more and more
it is a clear win for me but that’s it for the majority of the day good overall
day let’s go spend some time with the family you

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100 thoughts on “How I use an iPad Pro in my business workflow. Can it replace my computer?

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  8. For photos I can do everything I need to do on the iPad Pro except order prints. I know several video guys who edit on the iPad and are amazed by rendering speeds. The tools need a bit more refinement, particularly for video, but I can see a day soon when the need for a desktop or laptop will be very niche. A part of me wishes adobe would step up, but rewriting every flagship product com scratch is pretty daunting and they seem reluctant so far. I have a feeling some new players may become major disrupters. Affinity Photo (and soon Design) as well as Lumafusion and another video app I can’t recall the name of look to be contenders.

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  28. I’m selling this iPad Pro case because I was sent another one that I’m also enjoying. If you’re interested in buying this case used in this video, it’s in great condition. Send me a DM on Twitter @ScottWMcKenna or Instagram @ScottMcKenna

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