How I Use Passion Planner to Build My Business

We have to choose growth over and over again,
which means we have to overcome fears over and over again. And it can be difficult, but it’s definitely
necessary and absolutely worth it. The purpose of the Gratitude group is to unite
people so that they understand that there are good people out there. Sometimes, good people need to be reminded
that they themselves are good people. In creating a business that is built on the
foundation of gratitude, there are a lot of people that will say that that’s not possible. So, I’ve had to block out all that stuff and
really just hone in on what I want my business to represent. I can’t allow the self doubt to consume me
so, literally, my biggest way of overcoming that is by recognizing the gratitude within
my own life every single time a problem arises. I use my Passion Planner for everything. I use it to take notes, whether I’m reading
a book or watching maybe a TedTalk or something. I write down my agenda, what I’m doing, what
meetings I have, and what’s awesome about the Passion Planner is they have this Space
of Infinite Possibility. I’m able to write whatever in there. It’s beautiful whenever you’re able to bring
people together that understand the authority of gratitude.

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3 thoughts on “How I Use Passion Planner to Build My Business

  1. I just can't get enough of Passion Planner. I mean, yeah there are other beautiful, handy planners, but Passion Planner has heart and soul 💗💗 which is why, 2nd year in a row, I'll be choosing the Pashfam 😋😊

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