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100 thoughts on “How It Works: Internet of Things

  1. IoT will save lot of issues that people don't even think about or at least do not make the connection. Founder of Be notify IoT

  2. Basically non-living will communicate more than the living, and people will rely more and more
    On those, opposing what is demonstrated I think every aspect should be median, no more or less.

  3. If people actually start to buy this shit, the AI's will destroy mankind. This is complete and total control and surveillance. The next steps are 666 chips in right hands/foreheads and by this point it wont be optional

  4. Think about this. If your check engine lights comes up when you have a break related problem, clearly who ever manufactured this car was GENIUS !!!.
    With such complexity of modern cars, they are specifically designed NOT to help you identify the problem BUT to get you to the dealer to spend your money.

  5. Internet of Things = The Monitoring of YOUR Carbon Footprint
    AI = Self Aware Drones that have the Capability, via Fusion Software, to Decide whether You are a Threat or not. If YOU'RE using Valuable Resources at home, travel or place of work, the 5G Network of Things will "Talk" to The AI Drones that will then Decide if you're a Threat to the Limited Resources on Offer
    Nothing To Worry About ONLY The UN's Sustainable Development Agenda 2030
    Truth is – WE the Unworthy Useless Eaters are NOT Sustainable

  6. as long as there is an opt out, its just great. I'm having already hard times with shameless up selling strategies at the stores when paying the stuff I bought. greed is worse than ebola

  7. The data is then sold to 3rd parties who then provide you with a more personalized life experience…. or psychological manipulation to drain your piggy bank.

  8. If you want real professional scientific understandings of the internet of things go to or the Alex jones show. Alex jones is a world leading expert in the new world advancments.

  9. I always thought the warning lights on cars came on because of sensors located inside the car, and that there wasn’t any connection to the manufacturers or anything. Or is Rebecca’s car one of the newer models?

  10. Bwahahaha. These out of touch elites and their economic illiteracy. I guess they don't know what market saturation is. People aren't going to buy this shit, because 1: Income inequality is too extreme in America right now- people are trying to survive at this point. 2. People already have cars. 3. People don't want to buy Skynet technologies. This is a total bust (a major depression) and a currency crisis (due to currently low interest rates).

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  12. IoT? I'm all in!

    My only concern is:

    who the hell will pay for the 5G connection data of my town's connected traffic lights and light bulbs?

    Let me rephrase:

    IoT? I'm all in…as long as it's free!

  13. It is not even going to be Rebecca's car. We wouldn't be owning cars. Self-driving cars would be able to come pic you up and drop you off, via an app on your phone. If something goes wrong with the motor, it would drive into a workshop where robots would fix it.

  14. I'm a confident millennial, but I'm in awe of how technology is evolving exponentially. The new generation are growing up with the latest digital software and devices like having an extra pair of limbs. I feel so sentimental when I remember the good old days when I brought my text document on a floppy disk to school. Technology is molding the evolution of our society.

  15. What I would give to time machine myself back to 1870-90 and stay there. Biggest problem was horses plopping in the street. There was no cancer from radiation and there was no personal income tax. All there was was a lot of individual freedom.

  16. My question is when the computer chips start failing and technology breaks down what will happen to the internet of things? We can only go so far before our Natural resources to create this technology begins to diminish.. and just like every Empire throughout History has Risen and Fallen, the Internet will fall too because nothing lasts forever.

  17. okay first of all, those meters that tell you need to change oil are full of shit and usually you can drive way past 3000 miles okay. Don't trust the internets or things. Deep web is after you. Check back in the mirror, they probably already got your reflection doing push up before it b4ecomes infectious.

  18. Smartphones have certainly changed the way we compute. With these devices, we do not need to stick ourselves to desktops for any sort of computing requirements or to carry bulky laptops for replying mails on the go. Smartphones are the lightest computers we can carry in our pocket and, we can use these devices for roughly everything they can do. These devices have brought the whole world of internet right under our fingertips, just a few taps away.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.


    Sourav Basak

    Namaste UI

  19. I like how the word secure is emphasized. It's secure untill it's hacked within 30 minutes:) haha give me a break with this secure word

  20. The IoT in cars will hopefully detect drunk drivers, bank robbers, terrorists and shut down their system to save other peoples lives.

  21. So everything requires Internet and electricity. Great idea. So if a sola flair comes and nothing works for a long time everyone goes nuts… yeah great idea.

  22. we should make rules so manufactories can't overcharge people … if a smart car breaks the mony is on manufactories not people ! btw same thing for smart phones too !

  23. I'm happy to see other people are as skeptical as I am, they painted such a pretty picture but I was looking for exploits the whole time.

  24. Despite the rapid technological progress, supply chain management remains a complex task. The product's way from the manufacturer to the final distribution involves numerous point-to-point interactions that are in most cases supervised by emails and phone calls. Items can transit through different locations, and it may be hard to maintain end-to-end visibility on their way. The lack of control on any stage can dramatically harm the efficiency of planning and slow down the entire supply chain.

    Luckily, there are some technologies, such as the Internet of Things, that can restructure and optimize these processes. Such networks already contain about 26 billion devices, and this number is expected to triple by 2025.
    Check those post , it might help:

  25. The scary thing is it’s growing so rapidly and without any set standards. We also don’t automatically think about the security issues involved. This is our latest video The Internet of Things

  26. How about i don't need a car sending any information to anyone.. Reminds me of cookies that track my browsing behaviour and i get personalized adds.. it's fucking annoying. What's next? a car that automatically gives me personalized adds on my radio because of my browsing history on my phone? Privacy law my ass..

  27. Nice are the
    The IoT with the top 5 examples for viewers to understand.

  28. What is IoT for viewers to understand I think it would be helpful for all.

  29. Okay that's what we said T-Mobile in the Boost Mobile we moved it over to T-Mobile and then Virgin Mobile so we can run it over Virgin mobile Technology is it is me now broadband networking system ADA administration has been in the government account now i have Jimmy mummert reach out to the green=team for4 life learning save Air Force base in California to Punjab National. Asset management system

  30. Remember this next time one of these car companies claim they had no way of knowing their vehicles were defective or dangerous

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