How Joel Marion SCALED His Business BIG And FAST (EYE-OPENING!)

So how did you do that that was pretty
amazing what you shared on that first slide all those things that you have
accomplished and I don’t say any that stuff to brag but just to show you that
look I know what I’m talking about here okay and you can trust what I’m going to
share with you on how to do it next so how how how did you do that how did you
do that in scale so big so fast and that’s the heart of this presentation so
here’s a secret that ever I want everybody to take home from this okay
the lion’s share of the traffic goes to the individual who can pay the most for
it every time always without fail if I can pay $100 to
an affiliate and some other guy can only pay 30 bucks to an affiliate all else
remaining the equal conversion rate the same all of that who’s going to get the
traffic me right because I am willing to pay a hundred dollars every single day I
have a choice to make we sent two emails a day to our MLS one
in the morning than one the evening every single night before I go to
schedule my emails for the next day I say what can I send that is going to
make me the most money that’s going to produce the most amount of revenue from
me hitting the send button to my millions of subscribers that I’ve
invested millions of dollars into acquiring in lead costs and customer
acquisition costs all that but can I send it’s going to make me the most
money if I’m faced with somebody who great products good conversion rate it’s
paying me a $30 CPA cost per acquisition versus somebody who’s paying me $100 I’m
gonna hit send for the one that’s paying me $100 every time cuz I’m running a
business right I need to return on investment my own ad spend for acquiring
customers and leads so whatever it’s gonna make me the most money every time
I hit Send on email marketing that’s going to allow me to recruit my own
advertising costs faster and become profitable faster that’s why in every
situation all the traffic is going to go to the highest bidder okay two sources
of scalable traffic what are they well let me tell you what they are not not
search engine optimization how many people people in this room alone even
heard of that have you heard of SEO okay forget about it I never paid attention
to it ever in my life you don’t need it yeah if you want to have like make a
little bit of money from search engine optimization ten years from now then
invest a lot of time in that okay otherwise it’s it’s not the best use of
your time because there’s other ways you can results much much faster who’s who
here wants have fast results okay and that’s that’s what this presentation is
all about so forget about organic I don’t know
what that word means okay besides food I chopped organic I like Whole Foods but
like when it comes to organic traffic I don’t even understand what what is that
like somebody’s gonna have to just magically Joel Marian’s gonna pop into
their head and then they’re gonna Google search me and then they’re they’re gonna
find one of my websites and buy one of my products it’s like it’s never gonna
happen okay I need to pay to get my advertisement and my message in front of
people and then I need to make a return on that investment through my funnel
through my ebook funnel through my stuff in my funnel whatever is I’m sending
traffic and then I need to make money on the back end to further profit from
those customers that I’m paying for okay paying for traffic is the fastest way to
get traffic how many here are paying for media how many here I’ve affiliates that
you pay a commission to those are the two different sources here the only
scalable source of traffic are those that you pay for that’s it you have warm
traffic which is affiliates you pay affiliate a commission I can be in the
form of a rev share like I’ll pay you 75 percent of the sale or I pay you a
hundred percent or I’ll pay you a cost per acquisition I’ll pay thirty five
dollars for every conversion okay there’s a lot of different ways to skin
that cat or it can be a cost per lead CPL which means you’re sending me a lead
not a real sale it’s just a year i’m collecting an email address in exchange
for something like a free report and in exchange for that i’m paying a bounty
for that lead for us that averages to somewhere in the two or three dollar
range okay some of our supplement funnels we pay a CPA in excess of $100
so for every conversion that comes through because we have such a high
average order value we can pay one of the one of the recent files that
we launched plays 130 dollars CPA okay well repay the affiliate a hundred and
thirty dollars for every sale that they referred to us do you think affiliates
love that $130 CPA offer you they send for it over and over and over again okay
even though they have somebody else that they like they know they trust that you
do business with has a good product I pay some 40 bucks to sale converts the
same as mine but they don’t ever mail for that product why it’s because the
products not good no because they don’t like the guy no because they’re not they
don’t trust the guy doing business no everything’s the same the only
difference is it makes more business sense for them to mail my offer so they
do you want to be in a position where it makes more business sense for somebody
to promote you than somebody else who wants to be in that position all right
let’s talk about how to get there the other way is cold traffic later it’s
P paid media you’re gonna pay the cost per impression upon cost per click or
cost per sale okay you’re paying for the traffic Facebook advertising is one of
these Instagram advertising is one of these sponsored email one called first
party email where you can rent other people’s email lists and they send out a
sponsor message there’s to see the message below from our sponsor and then
it’s your affiliate swipe copy okay these are all different ways that you
can buy media we are spending in my ebook business between affiliates and
just in the email channel between affiliates and pay team email we spend
close to a million dollars a month we’re bringing anywhere between 400 and 500
thousand names into our email list a month now you may say Joel that’s a lot
of money on I have a million dollars throw out there right now okay and I
completely understand that and that’s I’m going to tell you how you can start
small and gradually get there just a cash flow game this whole thing is just
a cash flow game because if you can put the million dollars out there and make a
million dollars back then you have the money right so it’s just a cash flow
game and I’m going to show you how you can finagle around this just realize
this guy’s traffic is an auction okay traffic is an option and the
traffic always goes to the highest bidder 100% of the time no one’s out
there doing charity sentence to their email lists how many people got into
business because money was not weren’t you at all alright nobody nobody
has that outlook and people understand even if it’s not all about the dollar
which it never was for me I still have to pay for my ad spend I’m not trying to
lose money here I still have to pay for my ad spend I still have to you know
acquire customers and there’s a cost associated with that so I have to run my
business with dollars in mind because I can’t impact people if I’m not in
business anymore I can’t pay for my ads and all of a sudden I go bankrupt then
what how many people are my impacting none right so it still all comes down to
at the very very bottom line you need to pay attention to the revenue if you want
to have impact the income has to be there how can you afford to pay more
than anyone else say Joel you pay $130 itself it’s no way in a world that I
could pay that on my offer all right well let me show you how you can do it
maybe you can start competing with me probably not all right so you’re gonna
maximize two critical parts of your business how many people here are
selling something online okay how many people want to sell something online if
you’re not okay that’s everybody collectively they’re selling something
online or you want and all that starts with people landing on a website right
where they can buy something so the first critical part of your business is
what we call the front end that’s customer acquisition okay customer
acquisition you’re going to bring new customers in you’re gonna collect their
email address and then after you have that email address and you collect that
first sale then what can you do email marketing that’s a primary way that you
can resell people it’s still the number one way to resell people folks email
marketing is not going anywhere there’s a website called email is not dead or
something like that go that and check the stats the inboxes are are still
growing at very very rapid rates there’s more email inboxes today than there were
last month and there was the year before okay
there’s more active users today than there was a year before and all these
Millennials that are coming up guess what when they get and they don’t have
an email address all they do is screw around on Facebook and Instagram they’re
gonna graduate college and they’re gonna get a real job and they’re gonna get
email address okay and at that point in time when they have
that email addresses when they probably actually have some money they graduated
they got a job and you need some income they can actually buy from you all right
I don’t know anybody who’s advertising successfully two thirteen year olds on
Instagram all right and making money with it then you have the back end which
is monetization so you acquire a customer and then you monetize the
customer and monetize they have here as the back end because the front end we’re
not looking to monetize the front end we’re just looking to pay for our ad
spend that’s it looking to pay for the customer acquisition if I can do that if
I’m gonna break even meaning it cost me a hundred dollars to get a customer and
my average order value is a hundred dollars so I’m giving away on ad spend
either to an affiliate or to an ad network or whatever a hundred bucks
that’s everything that I make on the front end the real money comes on the
back and when I start remarketing to them and it can start pretty quickly so
when those two things are completely dialed in and you know your numbers you
can confidently outspend the competition the key words here are
know your numbers okay know your numbers and confidently what I mean by this your
front end and your back end are dialed in okay and you know your numbers which
we want to talk about extensively over the next few slides now your numbers
means what is my customer value at 30 days 60 days 90 days 180 days one year
two years three years okay when you understand those numbers you can very
confidently outspend the competition you

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