How Keap’s Partner Program Helped My Business Grow

– The Keap Partner Program
is ideal for somebody who’s looking to grow their
business by adding a platform that they can sell in
addition to their services. – For those considering
the Keap Partner Program, I would suggest thinking
about the commissions. There’s a great commission
structure that comes along with being part of the program. – So when I started back in 2015, I tried with other software
companies out there well-known, but the partner community
was not as good as Keap. They are helping me not
only grow my business, but also become a good entrepreneur and having good business skills. – A good fit for the Keap
Partner Program would be someone that wants to help other businesses grow. – I started my business
because I wanted to, one, do my own thing
and support my family. And my partnership with
Keap has enabled us to grow. – Prior to becoming a
Keap Certified Partner, a lot of the things in
my business were manual, which really was slowing me
down in how fast I could grow. – The Keap Partner Managers
really have your back, whatever it is that you need, any question is never off limits. They will give you every
resource that they have to make sure that you succeed. – All the Keap Partner Programs
are absolutely incredible. And all of the resources
that they give you, enable your business to just skyrocket. – And I started seeing that there was a big opportunity in Spain
because there was no one helping customers
automate their processes. – Without my Partner Success Coach, I would not have felt
empowered to go out on my own to service small businesses. – Working with Partner
Managers and working with other Certified Partners,
it’s really helped me to grow and develop, and to do
the things that I love to do. – The Keap Success Coaches
have been invaluable in growing our business. – Because the Keap
Community is incredible, the Keap Partnership Programs
are absolutely incredible, and all of the resources
that they give you, enable your business to just skyrocket. – It wasn’t just learning the software, you were also building your
business at the same time.

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