How Long Does Content Marketing Take to Work? Here Are My Digital Marketing STATS

When you do any Google search, what do you
usually find at the top? It’s some sort of article site or blog site
or news site. In other words, text ranks better than any
other form of content on Google. The real question is, how long does it take
for content marketing to really work? I wish that I could say that you could write
a blog post and within the next month or even two months you’re going to start getting rankings
and traffic, but that’s not the case. The answer to this is really simple, how long
does content marketing take to work? It’s two years. Now, the first time I when I
launched it in January 2015, by that point I’ve already published a few blog posts, it
was early on, I started getting 9,000 visitors a month from Google. Now if you fast forward to January of 2016,
I was at 88,000 visitors a month from Google. Almost a 10X increase. Now if you fast forward to January 2017, my
search traffic went up to a bit more than 400,000 visitors a month. It’s not a 10X increase from the 88,000 but
it’s still a substantial increase. Why does it take so long? It’s not because I’m cranking out tons more
content each and every single day between January 2015 and ’16 and 2016 to ’17. It’s actually because it takes a long time
to rank a post in Google. Google looks at a lot of factors, such as
how detailed is your content, how many social shares is it getting, is your content getting
more back links over time? This kind of stuff happens naturally and as
your content gets older, it starts doing better and as these metrics improve over time, your
rankings will. If you’re going to get into content marketing,
just think about my stats. From 9,000 to 88,000 to over 400,000. Took a solid two years before I saw results
and keep in mind, I hate to say it, but I’m probably a better marketer than most people. Now I’m not saying that means you won’t do
well, I’m just saying it takes time. Don’t expect amazing results within a few
months. Sure, every once in awhile your content may
go viral on Facebook or Twitter and you may get a big increase in visitor all of a sudden,
but it won’t be consistent. Your most consistent traffic is going to be
from search engines and it takes roughly two years to have consistent traffic from Google.

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12 thoughts on “How Long Does Content Marketing Take to Work? Here Are My Digital Marketing STATS

  1. You have great goodwill in the industry and nobody should judge you anyhow on the subs and views you currently have on your channel, being consistent in this would increase engagements and you know it better. Glad to be one of your subscribers and bear witness to your YT growth. Cheers !!

  2. In 2 years time, a specific piece of content(which was one of the first posts) will have grown old and I believe google rank, in general, tends to fade away with time. So, until I keep producing new content and link back to my old post, will that particular content from 2 years ago never get up the rank ladder?

  3. Hi Neil,
    Would take this opportunity to say that I am a big fan of yours and you have been kind of my virtual guru. Thanks.
    Specifically commenting on this 2-week old video. I wrote an article on content creation strategy and learning and I was hoping if you can give me a feedback. I invite you to share it in your videos or blogs openly.

  4. Hi Neil, appreciate the raw traffic numbers you shared in the video. it would be cool if you shared the behind the scenes production process for these videos. looks like you shoot them in batches of 15 or 16 all in 1 day then drip them out daily.

  5. Hi Neil, glad to see you on YouTube. Have few doubts about the tips you shared.

    1. You explained the growth and projections considering your blog. But as we know that you had a good presence in the industry when you started your own blog after some awesome work like KissMetric, CrazyEgg etc. What if one wants to start a personal blog as a fresh startup in the industry?

    2. Can one have a personal blog as the main source of business? If yes, what needs to be done for it?

    I liked your video on "How to Market Your Website When You Don't Have Any Money"

  6. Wish you could organize a meetup in India… Indian companies seriously need lessons on getting their website/content/product to go viral, and then sustain the momentum.

  7. hello sir,
    I want to make multi-language blog.
    then is there any problem occure like "copy of conten".

    and which type of name should use..

    "" or ""

    I want to make blog in hindi and english. I will write content in both languages then how to give name



  8. Hi Neil! Amazing job! Thank you. Can I use other people's content in the instagram stories or in the blog of my clothing brand? For example a video of Will Smith talking about how much fear disturbs us? I would like to use it to create value and pass trust .. what's your opinion?

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