How LS Retail is leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central

>>LS Retail, has been
developing software for retailers and hospitality
operators for 29 years. We cater to over 4,000
customers in 130 countries. Dynamics 365 Business Central, is a great foundation for LS Retail to build
our solution on. You get the best
cloud infrastructure available on the planet, Azure. You get the best productivity
tools available, Office 365. It has built-in intelligence,
advanced reporting, all seamlessly working
together to deliver the best vertical
industry solution for our partners
and our customers.>>We are very excited about the latest advances with
Dynamics 365 Business Central. Like the In-Client Designer, the VS Code, and
the extension technology. All of these things,
they make development, deployment, upgrades and support, so much easier than before.>>For LS Retail,
as a Dynamics partner, Business Central is
a key for our future. The reason why we’re so excited about
Business Central, is that, it will pave the way for our existing and future
customers into the cloud.

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