How Much Investment Should I Place in My doTERRA Business?

That would all depend upon what their goals
are, right? I mean, many people just want a supplemental income. They just want an extra
$50 a month. That would require a different amount of time than someone who’s really looking
to replace their income. So, the key is to look at what do you want to achieve with this
business and therefore how much time do you want to spend. It’s kind of a challenge for
people who think, “Well, I only want to spend a few hours a week, but I want to replace
my income.” That’s going to hard to do in any plan. That’s not what doTERRA is about.
But, if people really want to replace their income, it’s possible. It takes time and it
takes a full time commitment, and we have a lot of people who have great success doing

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