How Much Office Space Do I Need for My Business?

– Beginning your search for office space generally starts with one big question, and that’s how much square footage do you need for your company? How do you know what that number
is, and where do you start? I’m Kristi Svec Simmons, I partner here at AQUILA Commercial, and I’m here to answer those questions for you. (rhythmic rock music) Here at AQUILA Commercial
we help our clients not only plan for the
space they need today, but for the space they
may need in the future. And we accomplish that by going
through these three steps. Determine your preferred office layout. Determine how much space you
may need for each employee. And, finally, plan for your future growth. (rhythmic instrumental music) One of the first questions
we ask our clients is what is their preferred office layout? Do they prefer more private offices, do they like the open area? This generally helps us
get an idea of common areas versus how much space we
allot to employee workspace. As a general rule of
thumb we typically see the more dense the office
is the more common areas and conference rooms you
will see in an office space. As an example, for a more
dense office we typically see 1 conference room per 10 employees. So if you are a 50 person
office we would estimate you could possibly need
up to 5 conference rooms, along with your private
workstations and common areas. And for more traditional type offices we generally see one conference
room up to 20 people, which for that same example
for a 50 person office we typically would see a need
for 2 to 3 conference rooms. (rhythmic instrumental music) Equally as important to
your preferred office layout is really how much square footage you want to designate for your employees. For high density type users
we typically see anywhere from 80 to 100 square feet per employee. This is seen in companies
that have lots of open seating with small desks, generally, companies that have different
teams all in one space. For more average type
density users we see anywhere from 150 to 250 square feet per employee. This is going to be for more
of your traditional type office where you have a mix of open
area and private offices. And, lastly, a more spacious type layout where employees could get anywhere from 250 to 500 square feet per employee. This is where you’d see companies with large private offices, historically seen more in law firms. (rhythmic instrumental music) Lastly, future growth is very important in determining your square footage. We see companies sometimes
estimate anywhere from 10 to 20% of their
current square footage to accommodate for their growth. Some questions you should ask yourself when thinking about your future growth. One, how much employee growth do you think you’d have over a certain length of lease? What period of time will
you continue to add staff? And, lastly, what kind of
staff will you be adding? And how do those different
types of employees impact the types of space you have? A tenant representative will not only help you analyze your current space needs, but also your future space
needs in order to help you find the best space
possible for your company. For more information on office space or hiring a tenant representation broker check out the AQUILA Learning Center. And, remember, no one knows
Austin better than AQUILA. (rhythmic instrumental music) – Patrick Morrison here
from AQUILA Commercial, and we hope you enjoyed that video. Click here to subscribe because we are coming out with videos weekly. Click up here to watch another great commercial real estate video. Make sure you click that like button if you enjoyed that video. Oh, what is that behind you? Made you look. (laughs)

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