How Often Should I Post On Instagram For My Business

How often should I post on Instagram for my business? Great question and I want to help you reach that answer for your business right now! Hey busy people, welcome to Five Minute Social Media. If you’ve had “figure out my social media” or digital marketing on your to do list for, who knows how long, you keep shoving it down just because you’ve got so many other things to worry about, you’re overwhelmed, you don’t know where to start, you’re in a great place Every week we put out a quick video to help you with a different piece of your digital marketing strategy. If that sounds like something you could benefit from go ahead and take a second, hit Subscribe and click that bell so you can be notified whenever a new video comes out My name is Jerry Potter. I’m on all the social medias here, and today we’re talking about how many times a week should I post on Instagram for my business. Now if you watched my video last week about “how often should I post on my Facebook business page” and you’re expecting the same answer for Instagram, you’re not gonna get it. The main reason for that, other than the fact that Instagram is a very different platform than Facebook, is because you can get a lot of traffic on Instagram simply from hashtags. The first thing to consider is how often can you post and how often can you maintain that frequency long term. Is it twice a day? Is it three times a week? If you’re a major national brand you probably have a beautiful photo that you could post every single day. If you’re a wedding photographer you probably have thousands of pictures that you could choose from, so you have that kind of content. If you’re a smaller business or you’re a service business like me, which is not as many photographs, well then it gets a little trickier. You just want to figure out, “okay how often could I come up with a quality piece of content for Instagram and then maintain that long term without trying to pull my hair out?” Let’s talk about what happens if you post more or less. First of all, a lot of studies have found that if you post a ton, like twice a day, and then you stop, your ranking in the algorithm will go way down. So that’s why that maintenance is so important. Last year Tailwind did a big study, I think of like a hundred thousand Instagram users, and they found that the more you post, the more frequently you post, the more reach and engagement you will get. It certainly makes sense on some levels. Instagram goes, “Oh they use the app a lot? We’re gonna help them out in the algorithm. So should we all just be posting five times a day? Most of us definitely should not. First of all that study compared people who posted once a week to people who posted seven times a week That’s a big difference. You’re talking about like four posts a month versus thirty posts a month. There’s definitely some middle ground there. So enough about other brands, how much should you post on Instagram per week? Well I would say that at a minimum once per week and at the maximum probably seven times a week, other than a few exceptions That’s just plenty. It all comes back to what I said before – how much good content can you come up with? You’re way better posting three great pieces of content on Instagram a week then seven or fourteen pieces of content where 11 of the 14 are just mediocre Anything less than once per week you probably don’t need to be on Instagram at all and you should focus on some other platforms that fit your brand, your business or your personality better. So figure out your number of how many times per week you should post. And if you’re wondering when you should post, you can actually look up the time that most of your followers are online in Instagram Analytics. I’ve got a video that explains how to do that I’ll link that up here or of course down in the description of this video. But you can actually see like, “Okay Tuesdays between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. the majority of my people are online. I’ll post then. So often do you post on Instagram for your brand or business? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments and I will share my answer down there as well. And if you do have so-so/ mediocre content that maybe isn’t perfect for Instagram, put it on Instagram Stories. Those expire after 24 hours so that’s a great way to kind of play around and experiment with content that may not be quite beautiful enough for the actual Instagram feed (by your standards, whatever those may be). Thank you so much for watching Find us on Facebook in our free Facebook group to search “Five Minute Social Media,” and if you enjoyed this video please give it a Like hit Subscribe. You’re not only supporting me but also my two tiny superheroes at home. We’ll see in the next video!

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7 thoughts on “How Often Should I Post On Instagram For My Business

  1. For my agency clients, we post an average of three times a week. For my personal IG, I'm shifting right now. The plan is to post one, well thought out piece of content per week, and spend the rest of my time outwardly engaging with others. Plus IG Stories of course! 😀 I'm @mrjerrypotter if you're interested.

  2. Hi,Will reposting a post kill it's effect…looking as my service ineed to post a set of videos once and keep promoting it across the month…at least 12 videos a month…what could be the best posting strategy …please suggest…

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