How QuickBooks Online and the Cloud Changed my Business

– When my staff member came to
me last year and said, “Hey, I think I want to move
to Hawaii. Is that cool with you?” And I’m like, “Okay.” And she took her laptop,
and we’re good to go. I mean, there were no
adjustments that we had to make because she was already
working remotely from home. [upbeat music] – I try to think about what my
life was like before the cloud. I had my big, old
desktop computer. It just never felt like
anything was within a corralled area. – It was going to cost
quite a bit of money to do this entire server setup, let alone just the cost of a locally installed
desktop software. I found that the cost
and the time requirements and IT issues,
it just didn’t add up. – Before QuickBooks Online
for us, it was a lot of time
on the road for me. You know, a half an hour drive
out to see you, and then half an hour
drive back, fixing it, backing it back up,
getting it back to them. It was just a crazy process. So it saved us a ton of time
in travel time. – When we were able to show ’em how easy it was for them
to work on the go as well and how much easier it was
to have other people collaborate in their
QuickBooks, it was just–it made all
the difference in the world. – It gives people
the flexibility that really lets them balance
their lives. I can literally sit in
my backyard at the pool or I could sit in Hawaii
if I wanted to. And I love the fact
that my staff have that flexibility too. – If Shari works best from
10:00 at night till 3:00 in the morning,
then have it. – I think for me,
now being on the cloud, having literally every
single one of our clients on
the cloud, I can’t imagine going back
to the way things used to be.

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