How Retail Telepharmacy Works

A retail telepharmacy, or remote dispensing site, is a licensed brick-and-mortar pharmacy staffed by one or more pharmacy technicians. A pharmacist supervises the technician from a central verification site. This model enables a telepharmacy to operate in areas where a traditional pharmacy is not feasible. Let’s look at how a telepharmacy works in four simple steps. The technician enters the prescription information into the system which is then verified by the pharmacist. The technician and pharmacist can easily communicate via secure connection at any time. TelePharm’s remote dispensing software integrates with pharmacy management systems for a seamless, real-time experience. After the pharmacist verifies the data entered, the technician prepares the prescription for dispensing. prescription label, physical drug, and medication bottle for the remote pharmacist to review. The pharmacist reviews the prescription by analyzing images sent over by the technician. They also reference the patient’s medication profile for drug interactions and other potential side effects. If approved, the technician places the medication in will call pending consultation from the pharmacist. TelePharm’s software requires that the pharmacist counsels the patient before the patient picks up their medication. Patients can also use this secure video connection to get answers for non-prescription related questions. After counseling, the technician completes the transaction at the register and the patient receives their medication. A telepharmacy provides all the care and services of a traditional pharmacy. Telepharmacy. My local pharmacy. Convenient and safe.

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  1. Hello,
    I think there is another use case where there is a fleet delivering the medication to the patient's location, where the patient does not have to come to the pharmacy technician to collect the medications. What do you think about this use case? ☺️

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