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>> CUTTS: Hi, my name is Matt Cutts. I’m an engineer
in the quality group at Google and I’d like to talk today about what happens when you
do a web search. The first thing to understand is that when you do a Google search, you aren’t
actually searching the web, you’re searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as
much of it as we can find. We do this with software programs called spiders. Spiders
start by fetching a few web pages then they follow the links on those pages and fetch
the pages they point to, and follow all the links on those pages and fetch the pages they
link to and so on, until we’ve indexed a pretty big chunk of the web–many billions of pages
stored across thousands of machines. Now, suppose I want to know how fast a cheetah
can run. I type in my search, say, cheetah running speed and hit return. Our software
searches our index to find every page that includes those search terms. In this case,
there are hundreds of thousands of possible results. How does Google decide which few
documents I really want? By asking questions–more than 200 of them. Like, how many times does
this page contain your keywords? Do the words appear in the title, in the URL, directly
adjacent? Does the page include synonyms for those words? Is this page from a quality website
or is it low quality, even spamming? What is this page’s PageRank? That’s a formula
invented by our founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin that rates a web page’s importance by
looking at how many outside links point to it, and how important those links are. Finally,
we combine all those factors together to produce each page’s overall score and send you back
your search results about half a second after you submit your search. At Google, we take
our commitment to delivering useful and impartial search results very seriously. We don’t ever
accept payment to add a site to our index, update it more often or improve its ranking.
Let’s take a look at my search results. Each entry includes a title, a URL and a snippet
of text to help me decide whether this page is what I’m looking for. I also see links
to similar pages, Google’s most recent stored version of that page, and related searches
that I might want to try next. And sometimes, along the right and at the top, I’ll see adds.
We take our advertising business very seriously as well, both our commitment to deliver the
best possible audience for advertisers and to strive to only show ads that you really
want to see. We’re very careful to distinguish your ads from regular search results and we
won’t show you any ads at all if we can’t find any that we think will help you find
the information you’re looking for–which, in this case, the cheetah’s top running speed
is more than 60 miles an hour. Thanks for watching, I hope this made Google a little
bit more understandable.

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100 thoughts on “How Search Works

  1. I appreciate the explanation and the development that went into this awesome tool. love the Google search and use it every day. Thank you.

  2. Nice explanation on how search engine works. I have made an attempt to explain the same thing in hindi. So if you want to understand it in hindi then please do check the video:

  3. Yes google search is really good. But yet Google has millions of miles to go. Advanced scripts. But what i'd like Google to do is …
    1. not kiss up to nations leaders arses and hide critical data.
    2. Focus on plant, insect and bird species – Tie up with herbaria world over and share data to preserve and conserve species. Also share free data to students. And charge the nation a small fee for using A.I. for conservation efforts. It should not be taxed on the citizens.
    3. Gmaps must be interactive and active. If there is a forest fire in california, residents of california must know of it first – experts notified first.
    will share more in time…

  4. Thank you benevolent overlord. Ill rest easy in knowing thou controls the indices to all human information as well as the links between all human communication.

  5. @Google I was wondering if you could allow all android/Google users to be able to use Apple Accounts or i cloud accounts


  6. Just because the majority says that Google Search is the best does not mean it is . It is like saying popular also means good . Ten or fifteen years ago Google Search handled long worded , meaning more specific , searches much better . Google search has become more and more geared to simple searches . Originally google search was driven by knowledge seeking . Today it is driven first and foremost by advertising and business .

  7. Outdated video since Google/YouTube has been sooo " impartial" that they engage in censorsship, manipulate searches, create algorithms, deplatform political adversaries, and collude with other entities in order to suppress the free flow of speech and ideas of those they disagree with politically….they have contracted Trump Derangement Syndrome—it's what happens when you throw a tantrum that your pro-abortion (baby-killing) candidate Hillary doesn't win (yet you think that you are moral-what a joke!) and spread fake news and smear the reputation of supreme court nominees and this list goes on….eventually the government is going to have to step in and break up your monopolies!

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  9. we aren't looking for ads anywhere looking just for information/videos that can help our search
    good video it made good point for searchers

  10. Resúmen en Español. Cuando buscamos algo en Google buscamos páginas web en realidad, y aparecen mucha opciones para entrar, la red de páginas web que aparecen se logra gracias a un software que se llama spiders o araña, in spanish, este programa lo que hace es tener indexadas todas las páginas y cuando alguien hace una búsqueda, por ejemplo velocidad de una cheetah, selecciona todas las páginas que contienen esos términos, este software elige qué paginas mostrar y en qué orden, con más de 200 preguntas de índole ¿cuantas veces aparece tal término en la página? ¿Tiene imágenes? ¿Cuando fue su última actualización? ¿Es segura o es spam? Larry Page y Segey Brin crearon una fórmula por la cual se calcula la relevancia de una página según el número de enlaces externos que dirigen a la misma.

    Finalmente agrupando todos esos factores se genera un puntaje global de todas las páginas y en medio segundo aparecen los resultados. En este tipo resultados Google no acepta ningún pago para mostrar resultados.

    Cada entrada contiene un título, un URL y un fragmento de texto para poder elegir la página más relevante para uno. También pueden haber links para páginas similares y búsquedas relacionadas y a veces se muestran anuncios a la derecha y en la parte superior.

  11. Micro Search Engines for Education Solve your Institute Search.


  13. When he said , we don't accept payments to update results , first thing that came to my mind was but facebook accepts payments to sway elections.

  14. Dammit, I would like to write something as:"He even not found speed of gepard " but he say 110 km/s…

  15. Dear Google
    A lot of thanks to you
    For helping us and educating us in the most simpler form and that too FREE
    Now knowing has become so easy
    Expressing has become so easy
    Now we have our own world full of opportunities and gateway inside the room that helps us to explore outer world and prepare ourself accordingly
    No info is restricted anymore
    Google helps you in how to use Google products in the most simpler way
    A lot of thanks 😊

  16. Google trusts noone, they cannot..
    Its nature of business..

    But Google screwed lot of authenticate legal businesses in India for same..

    Had word with Matt on hangouts..


    #Amazon etc. there is HUUUGE LIST, Matt ?
    They are served on top regardless of your algorithms

  17. Good Video. When someone searches, Say " Moon Mission India' , Google should 1st recall this searche's history- i.w. 'Was it searched earlier ' , what was the result – has some additions been made to it, now.
    2. 'gmail' is used by many many people. and sometimes, we need to delete some e-mails. the method now is to tick the box/boxes and then ' delete' them
    Can GOOGLE do this – when we hover the cursor over a gmail sender, google should display the number of e-mails from that sender – just by looking at the number of e-mails sender – we can delete the emails from a sender with more number of e-mails. -> This could be very useful.

  18. youtubegoogle are taking the words we type giving us appeasement headlines user content ….through all the media …..appeasing us appeasing us appeasing us….. so we wont rise up and demand they pay taxes…..

  19. Google rocks 😇😇😇

    Keeping the Faith 🙏🙏🙏

    Everything happens for a reason 🙏🙏🙏

    Everything happens in God's time and God is always on time 🙏🙏🙏

    Keeping it real 🙈🙊🙉

    Living on a dime $$$

    God bless America 🙏🙏🙏

    I believe in God's Miracles ! 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Got here by searching for "Twiddler"… Why don't you go ahead and tell people about the rampant censorship at Google? We know.

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