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Curious about all the buzz around the Physical Web? Want to know how beacons can help your business? Now’s your chance to find out. This frictionless, unobtrusive tech allows you to directly engage shoppers… by giving them relevant information, right when and where they need it. The Physical Web influences action by informing shoppers… … enabling them to make more educated shopping decisions… … and guides their experience, providing
a more efficient path to purchase. You can also incentivize loyalty with smart, proximity-relevant promotions. All you need to see the Physical Web, is a
beacon browser. Just search for “Physical Web Browser” on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Managing Physical Web content is simple with Just place beacons near the places or things you want to promote… …and enter your unique Beacon ID. You
can securely manage content associated with that beacon… …from anywhere in the world. You never have to touch a beacon to change your messaging. Physical Web stickers on key promotional items throughout the store, will let shoppers know
that more information is available. The Physical Web is not only about promotions…
it can even help make your team more efficient. Best of all, you can keep your focus on marketing, messaging, and branding because you don’t need to be a developer to manage the Physical Web. With BKON and, the future of customer
engagement is here.

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