How This 23-Year-Old Built A ‘Chillwear’ Clothing Business

It started about five years ago. Originally, I started
making T-shirts, like, for myself on an online custom website, and then eventually
after I wore it around, my friends purchased it, and more and more people saw the shirt. What “chillwear” means to me, it is kind of any clothing
you could throw on, like, wherever and whenever. The vibe of nostalgia is very important to all of the designs that I create, because it focuses on, like, a simpler time and when you had less
responsibilities as a child. I work with many different vendors. Obviously, I wouldn’t be
able to do it all by myself. Whether it’s a screen-printer, an embroiderer, or I have companies
help me with, like, my airbrush and stuff like that. I think it’s very important
that my clothing is unisex, I don’t want to specifically
target a guy or a girl for a design, so I try to keep everything relatively neutral and balanced in a way where anyone could wear it. I feel like you don’t see
that with so many brands, especially if it’s, like,
a street-wear brand. The mentality and the vibe in my brand, it’s like an inclusive feeling. Sending product to celebrities,
artists, influencers, et cetera, helped the brand grow. People see other people wearing it, it makes them want to buy it. It is a collaboration in a sense, because you are sending them the product and they are hopefully posting it. It’s like the modern-day word of mouth. I love being hands-on, and I love running the social media. For me, it’s very
important to be connected to my customer base and staying human, because it gives the customers, like, a relatability factor
when they’re actually talking to somebody behind the account. I’m not tied down to my desk, but you can’t get lost in the mentality. You need to be able to balance the fact that you could
do whatever you want and the fact that you
also have to work hard at the same time.

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