How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website (Zopim)

Hey all! In this video I’m going to show
you how to add a live chat to your WordPress website and I’m doing this
because of popular demand. I’ve heard a few of you request that I show you how
to add a live chat to a website, in particular your WordPress websites and
so, I’m going to show you exactly how I have done that in the past and bear with
me if I’m a little bit slow because I haven’t done this in a while, but we’ll
get there. Actually, you know what, I might do it on my
website directly. So what I’ll do is I’ll add a chat, a live chat on my emediacoach
website. To do this we’re going to be using a service called
Now, they have a free version as well and the good thing is that they’ve got
their own live chat and this is basically identical to the one that you will have
on your website. So, your customers will be able to type any question and one of
the representatives will be able to reply. So, anyway, the first thing you
need to do when you get here is sign up for an account. Ok, enter your name, email
address. Then, they’ll ask you to confirm your email address. So, go back to your email
account and click on the confirmation link. Now I already have an account. Let’s see if I can remember what the
password is… Cool. So, here is my zopim account. This is the first
thing you’ll see when you log in, as well. Let’s go to the dashboard. Ok, here is what your dashboard looks
like. So, now let’s set up a live chat. Ok… ‘visualization’. No, let’s go to
‘widget’. Ok, here we go! Here is the live chat widget. Now, if you want all the
settings as default and you want to give it a shot, just copy and paste that code
into a widget on your WordPress website. I’ll do that in a second. Let’s customize our
live chat area first. So, here on the right hand side is a preview of what it
will look like. Ok. So, the top title -‘Need Help?’. You
can change the theme color if you like. You can choose a small, medium or large
window size, but you can’t do that in the free version. You can choose to position
this live chat widget on the bottom left or the bottom right of your screen. Most people prefer bottom right; it’s
just convention, it’s out of the way, but there if people need it. Ok, the chat bubble itself… Of course, you can
change the color of that as well, but not in the free version. But you can change
the title. And by chat bubble… this means when the chat is closed. So, before
the user actually comes along and clicks on it. Ok. So, let’s just change that. Cool. Ok…
Concierge- that’s this area here- you can change that if you need etc etc.
And they minimized chat button. So, all that stuff is
customizable. Obviously, you could see that there are a couple of things that
are not available to you unless you pay for an upgrade. On the free version it
does have pretty much all the features you need, except some of the additional
buttons. Also, the free version only allows, I think, one person or one agent
to be logged in and responding to chats, from your business point of view. Ok, so
when you’re done with that just click ‘Save Changes’. Now, let’s have a look at forms.
Ok, ok. Perfect! So, people can come along and enter their phone number in the pre-chat
form, if they so wish. You can choose to switch that on or off, depending
on what you’re after. See?! There you go! You can have a pre-chat
greeting etc etc. You can make the phone number compulsory you can make
the initial question that the customer asks compulsory as well. Ok. And offline
form-that’s basically what the customer will see when no agents,
which means: an agent is just a person from your business who is responding to these
chats. So, if there’s nobody online there to respond, he will be shown an offline
message and that’s the message here. So you can customize that if need be. So,
save changes when you’re ready with that. Ok, let’s see… you can choose to play a
notification sound, you can choose to enable ratings or you can choose to
completely turn it off. And that feature is not available in the paid version… in the
free version, I mean. Ok, so everything is pretty much done. It’s very very easy.
As you can see, just set everything up. There really wasn’t much to that. The
next thing to do is in the ‘Getting Started area’. Just get this entire script:
right click, copy. Now, I’ll assume you’ve already logged into your WordPress
dashboard. If you haven’t just do that. Ok. Now go to appearance and widgets. You can
actually do this two ways, actually. You can go to plugins, add a new plugin and
install the zopim plugin and then follow the steps. You can install that and follow
the steps. I like to do it a different way. Instead of doing all that, I like to just
get this code, go to one of the widgets on my website. Now, remember this must be
a part of your website that is always on display. So, the best widgets to do them on is
probably your footer. Somewhere in your footer, because your footer is always
displayed on your website. So, what i’ll do is I’ll go into the Widgets area…
where is my footer… Here we go, bottom 1,2,3,4…so what i’ll do is I will add a text widget to one of my
footer areas and now, I’ve already copied this. What I’ll do is paste it in there and
then, hit save. Now, hopefully, this works. There we go. That’s absolutely perfect! That’s exactly
what I was after. So, the visitor will go to your website, they’ll start browsing… they
might have a question, they’ll hit this from here to ask for live help, they’ll introduce
themselves. Now, these details they enter here will be recorded in your zopim dashboard and
that should be in the history section. Also, you’ve got other things like
analytics and all that stuff, so you’ll be able to track all of the people and
all of the chats without any issues whatsoever. There you go! So, the customer has started a chat with you
and in the dashboard here we can see that there has been a new chat started. There you go, right
here, let’s serve their request. Someone from your business will respond and there you
go! And that’s how it works. And, also, these chat conversations
actually saved in your dashboard when you log in to zopim. So, there you go, guys,
there is a really clean and effective way to implement a live chat feature on
your website. If you have any questions, please, do ask me in the comments below
and, please, do give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel
for more awesome stuff in the future. Catch you next time!

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39 thoughts on “How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website (Zopim)

  1. Thank you! Though, I need to ask you, will they delete the live chat when your accout goes to the lite version?

  2. Can i use this method to add a live chat for my Ecommerce project which is developed using PHP and MYSQL not by WordPress?

  3. what will happen after 14 days trial period ?? it is a good app but only for 14 days, after 14 days you have to buy it .. i am not able to use it for long term ..

  4. Thanks!
    I have a question about this function, I search a live chat plug in that my customers do live chat together when they are on my website at the same time.
    is there a way to do it?

  5. Very nice tutorial, as usual.
    One question , is it a must to have your dashboard open? is there another way to receive messagges and send answers.

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