How to Add a Manager to Your Google My Business (2018)

hi in this video I’m going to show you
how to add a admin or a manager actually in this case to your Google+ page now
some people call Google+ it is now actually Google my business and Google
my business is are the pages that are used for local businesses any place with
a brick-and-mortar location so the first thing you’re going to do is come over
here to slash business and you’re gonna see a screen like this
you’re gonna go in and sign in and I’m already signed in so it pops up and I’m
gonna go to ijen solutions because I’m gonna add someone as an admin to my page
so it’s very easy once you sign in once you find your listing you’re gonna go
over here to users select users you can see right now I just have one person as
a primary owner I’m going to add another person so I’m going to select invite new
users and I’m gonna place an email address in there and that’s going to be
this I’m gonna choose a role for him now it’s very important that you do choose a
role owner of course would give full access and they can delete the page so
I’d be very careful with who you allowed to be owner then there’s manager and
this is really what most people would probably fall under our manager would be
someone that can go in there create posts for you look at insights and reply
to reviews and other things and then there’s communications manager now that
manager would just I’ll be allowed to post and respond that going back to
manager they can also take a look at editing your info which could happen if
you have special store hours or things of that nature so most people will fall
under the manager category and then once you select the role you can simply
invite and then you will see that Patrick Stinnett was invited as a
manager this page and they select done now
Patrick will have a Patrick will actually get a notification from Google
saying Jennifer has added you as a manager and he will have to go in and
accept terms and allow himself to be manager of that page so I hope this
helps you out if you have any other questions I would love to hear about it
go to eJen solutions comm and contact us! Thanks

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2 thoughts on “How to Add a Manager to Your Google My Business (2018)

  1. Did anyone every call Google My Business, Goolgle +? Those were two completely different platforms …

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