How to add domain and host your website on DigitalOcean

Hello guys this is the SilverFoxA and in this
particular video I’m going to share with you how to upload your website or make
it live. Before we get into uploading our website we need to get a domain. You can
get it from any domain provider for example GoDaddy, in this case I got it
from Big Rock and will let you know how to link it with digitalocean.
Now what is the DigitalOesson? it’s a cloud infrastructure provider where you
get your own system to play around with it’s pretty good for a developer where
everything can be maintained and easily customized based on the requirement it’s
more like building up your own house from scratch. It does feel really cool
actually when you get to know how to work around with this content. okay so
this is the user console I got from my domain provider which tells me all about the
domain that I got and all the name servers and everything but before
tweaking around with the name server we have to create a droplet and before that
let us login to the system okay once you are logged into the system you get to
see a dashboard the basic one and you will get to see something called drop it
now they maintain a concept called droplet where each droplet is more like
a web hosting for you okay oh here you get to see something called
distribution then one-click apps right the first one distribution is nothing
but you get separate OS where you can get one of these and then start
implementing your solution like keep installing stuff or one thing you can
get is one-click application where everything is configured by default for
you this lamp for an example it has the PHP
MySQL Apache server and those things are already installed on ubuntu 16.04 okay
and then we have this MongoDB a PHP might mean and WordPress Lissa’s him you
want to make a wordpress blog and you just click on it okay and everything
comes by default for you for our particular project will be going with
PHP might because it has the page management console configured by default once they’re done with which I happy one
you’ll be asked to select a billing cycle so for this let’s just go off with
$5 per month that’s the base that the charge and it’s pretty good actually
seeing the SS do you know the stuff so let’s assume you want to go for a higher
memory or see people you can select from one of this offs and save a table for it okay now it comes to data center region
when you’re talking about a data center relation you need to understand that the
code base I residing under this particular region right okay now let’s
assume I’m okay I’m from India okay and if I select New York I anything else
apart from Bangalore the latency might vary so the time to first but will
increase in that case so I will just select with Bangalore because it is my
tip nearby data center and the latency won’t be that much okay once you are
done with that let’s go off with private networking and so I need my droplets to
interact with them back up in case if you are planning for a backup like keep
backing up your data there will cause to some 20% mixture then ipv6 and
monitoring user data you don’t need to check it this is SSS key we will talk
about this later is just data so host okay we’re all set
let’s hit create this will create the droplet for us and don’t mind our
configuration and adding some default or configuration files and everything
that’s required and once it completely create it we’ll get our email which will
tell us the password and all the stuff credentials basically so now we need to
change the name server for our domain under the domain provider once you get
this from here is it you lose it okay this is the IP that I got let’s go
into network here you configuring the domain or else thought
the URL stuff okay this is cook it at home info folder copy the link will
paste it here and create a new dog okay so let’s just configure that in a
setting in DNS setting let’s copy it from here go to the domain provider
click or final call your name surveys and just configure so here we need three
NSA course ok not modern there’s this update time but once this is updated
which is configure the content here first
we’ll just give add the rate that is coming to the domain the ps1 right and
then we’ll tell them to go to this particular droplet right when someone
kicks whether the URL flaw decorator dotting it will go to that particular
optic ok apart from this we need to ensure that if someone clicks or else
type say in so for that we’ll go to see a named record we
had a cname record there we just need to type in triple-double on the rest it
will come prepared so I know you said to put the force that’s it ok so everything
is done I am very good now there’s a search check if it’s
working fine so me okay no it might not show up cause our DNS configuration
change takes somewhere around 24 to 48 hours but that’s the trick to it you can
either use tor browser or the strata change the network the one that you’re
currently on that does the trick let’s just see if it works and are in
company to more updated I find that if all face you guys wait
for the tour version so they start cool right so is sporting
our Apache server is install and you can check the – PHP myadmin
it will by default be configured for us as we have click the one-click app it
won’t so of course Jas is blocked okay so let’s get back okay this p1 thing remaining was to drop
it now they have already mailed us the credentials to access our droplet I will
show you how to access the droplet in this video itself go to okay in order to
access the droplet you can either it from the console that we still loose in
concern or a second installment up I would prefer going by our terminal
cause the web-based console is damn like he doesn’t like again okay type in SSH
and we’re accessing has Rhodesia the IP that we copied okay this is all droplet
ID so they will ask you for the current okay they’ll ask you for the password
just paste it right now there is again there are some for the current path so
don’t get confused again now enter your password oops let’s try a good solo and we’re dead just take what on the
Clippers platform so the system directly is what has been configured for us so we
can change it I’ll show you in the next video I would
include subdomains and all the stuff this file that I will show you in the
next video how to upload the files and subdomains I’ll do it all together
please save the video and subscribe to my channel if you liked the video and
was informative enough for you thank you

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15 thoughts on “How to add domain and host your website on DigitalOcean

  1. This tutorial video is to share with you how to add your domain and host your own website under digitalOcean infrastructure. In this video demonstration, you will learn the following:

    1. how to create a virtual private server on digitalocean i.e. digitalocean droplets.
    2. How to install LAMP stack on your latest Ubuntu instance with Apache Web Server
    3. Connect to your VPS or digitalocean droplet using ssh
    4. Change or configure your Godaddy/Bigrock/NameCheap domain provider name server(DNS) to DigitalOcean
    5. Host your PHP applications(Codeignitor/Laravel) on Ubuntu (VPS)

  2. Thank you! ! It was saved! ! I am planning to use Degital Ocean from now on, but I do not know how to do it. I would like a video for beginners to be uploaded if you like! !
    Please make movie the progress until creating Drople and logging in to the server! ! SSHkey please use PuTTY! !
    Please! !

  3. Help me! !
    Droplet and make the Linux ubuntu control panel
    name @ ubuntu: ~ $
    I would like to do as above, but what should I do? By the way, I have not done anything since I logged in.

  4. Hello man, I want this put my webpage on the droplet, if you can help me I can pay you or if you are on the upWork platform we can deal there

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