How to Add Live Chat to a WordPress Website

Hi guys I’m Shyam from Today I’m going to show you
how you can add a live chat to your website So this is a live chat which we are going to add today You can see how it looks Now if we click here This is how the chat box will look Now by adding this live chat you can give
your visitors a much more easier way to reach you And you’ll be able to solve their questions immediately So let’s get started We are going to do this in just two steps The first step is to create an account
on a website called crisp So crisp is the live tool Which we’re going to use for our website So to create an account on crisp Just click the link below this video And it’ll take you to this page Now to create the account Let’s click here And fill up these details So enter your email, password and name Then click continue Now enter your website address
and your website name Then click continue And click finalize
to create your account Okay so now we have created our crisp account So let’s see how it looks by clicking here And once you create your account You’ll reach this live chat inbox So this is a place where you can chat with your visitors Now once you reach this inbox We can go to step 2 Which is to connect your crisp account
with your website So to connect it
we need to install the crisp plugin on our website So to install the plugin let’s go to our
WordPress dashboard And then go to plugins And click add new Now search for a plugin called crisp And you’ll get this plugin So let’s click install And activate the plugin And now the crisp plugin is installed on our website Now to connect your website
with the crisp account Just click connect with crisp And then click continue That’s it our website is now connected with crisp So let’s go back to our inbox by clicking here And we’re now back on our live chat inbox Now once you reach this page The live chat will be active
on your website So let’s check it Now if we go to our site You can see that we have the live chat So next let’s see how the live chat works So let’s say I’m a visitor and
I open the live chat by clicking here Now if I type a message And press send You can see that We have received that message in our inbox Now if you want to reply to this message All you have to do is click that message And send your reply And it’ll be seen by the visitor So this is how you can add a live chat to your website and then
chat with your visitors So now let’s close this And next let’s make this live chat
more user friendly by adding a profile picture So to add your profile picture Just go to settings Click account And add your image here Now if we go to a site And click refresh You can see that our image appears here And once a user has started the live chat Your image appears in these places So you can see that after adding the image The live chat looks
much more user friendly So next let’s see the top five features
of the crisp live chat So first we’re going to look at the
visitor chat Now let’s say someone is visiting your website But they’re not using the live chat Even though this user is not using the live chat You can still chat with them
using the visitor chat feature So let’s see how it works Now when someone visits your site Crisp will show you a notification here Now if I click here You can see that visitor in this area You can also see where he is located on this map Now to start a chat with this user Just go here And click this icon And now if we go here And send our message You can see that the user
has received that message instantly So this is how you can
chat with any visitor on your site Even if they don’t start the chat So next let’s see the
second feature of this live chat Which is called magic browse Now while you’re chatting with the user If you click start magic browse You can instantly see what the user
is seeing on your website Now if the user moves their mouse You can see that on your screen And if they scroll down You can also see that Now this is really useful
when you want to know where the user is While responding
to their messages Also if you like to show the user
how to use your website You can click start live assist And from your screen You’ll be able to point and
click anywhere on your website And it can be seen by the user On their screen You can also click on links And go to different pages on your site So this is very useful if you’d like to
guide the user on how to use your website So this is one of the coolest
feature of the crisp live chat So next let’s see the third feature
which is called triggers Now let’s say you want to send a message
automatically when someone lands on your page For example
when someone visits your site You want to say something like How can I help you You can use a feature called triggers To send a message automatically So to set up a trigger let’s go to crisp And then click plugins And click triggers Now click new trigger And then turn it on Now since we want to
show a message to the visitor Let’s turn on this And add our message here And type our message Then click add message So next we need to choose
when you want to show this message So let’s scroll down And here you have different options When you can show your message So I’m gonna choose after delay And keep a four second delay
for showing the message Okay so now we are done
setting up the trigger So let’s click save trigger And now we have successfully
set up our automatic message Now if a visitor goes to our site And stays for Four Three Two One You can see that he has received our message Now if the user clicks reply And sends you a message You’ll receive a notification And we can reply by clicking here So this is how we can send messages Automatically to your visitors Next let’s see the fourth feature
which is adding an operator Now if you want additional help
in replying to live chats You can add more people
who can respond to live chats So to add an additional operator Just click here And click add operator Now choose the role as member And enter their email Then click invite operator And now an invitation
will be sent to their email Now to access your live chat
all they have to do is go to their inbox Open the invitation they have received And click accept And once they do that They’ll be able to access the live chat And respond to messages So this is how you can add operators
to your live chat So next let’s see the final feature
which is choosing your availability on the live chat Now if we go to our site You can see that Here it says support is online Now if you don’t want to be available
on the live chat all the time You can choose when you want to be online So next let’s see how you can schedule
your availability on the live chat So to choose when you want to be online Just go to settings And click availability Now go to enable availability schedule And turn it on And when you do that
you can now choose the days When you want to be online So I’m going to uncheck saturday And now I’ve chosen
monday-to-friday as my available days Next we can add our timings
by clicking here And now choose the time
when you want to be online So I’m going to choose nine to six And click add So now we have chosen the days and time
we want to be online So next let’s see a demo of how this
change will look on our site So let’s say it’s a Sunday and
a user is trying to chat with us He’ll be notified that we are offline So this is how we can schedule Your availability on the live chat So next if you want to reply to live chats But you don’t want to
stay on this inbox all the time You can use the crisp mobile app To receive chat notifications
on your mobile So you can find the links to the app Below this video So that’s it guys this is how we can
add a live chat to your site And then chat with your visitors Now to create your live chat account Just click here And it will take you to the crisp web site
where you can create your account So next if you want to find more useful
tools for your site Just go to To find the best
tools for your site So thanks for watching I’ll see in the next video Ba-bye

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100 thoughts on “How to Add Live Chat to a WordPress Website

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    You can disable this warning by adding: $crisp.push(["safe", true]) to your page JavaScript."

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