How to add video to your WordPress website

Do you want to add video to your website?
If you’re in a personality-based business, like a coach or a real estate agent, having
a video on your website is really important so that you can let potential clients know
exactly who you are. I’m Brighton West and today on Subscriber
Nation, I’ll show you how to add a video to your WordPress website.
Now we’re starting off with some assumptions. First I’m assuming that you know how to
make a video. But I have a video to help you with that, if you don’t already know.
I’m also assuming that you have a YouTube channel that you can upload that video to
– got a video for that! I’m assuming that you know how to upload
a video to your YouTube channel and I’ve got a video for that.
Okay, we’re going to hop over to YouTube now and just choose the video that you’re
looking to embed. You can actually embed anyone’s video; it doesn’t have to be your video.
Actually, I think people can turn off the ability to embed. Most videos though, you
can embed into your website. So you’ll find the video and then head down,
scroll down to where it says ‘Share’. And in WordPress, there’s two ways to do
this – one that’s simple and one that offers you a little more control.
First, once you hit share, you can take this and right-click Copy and you can paste it
over into your website. You’ll go over to your website and go to
your website – usually the admin panel is wp-admin – and you’ll go to either a post
or a page. I’m going to say ‘Post’ and then ‘Add
new post’. And then you can actually do this on either the Visual or the Text tab.
We’ll go with the Visual. And when you hit ‘Paste’, either one of
two things will happen. Sometimes you’ll just see the URL. You need to make sure that
it’s not a clickable link. You can use this little button here to make it not clickable,
but it looks like WordPress sometimes actually just puts that video right in there and actually
does that translation for you right away. So that’s the first way to do it – it’s
just to paste in that URL. I’m going to delete this and I’m going
to show you the second way to do it, which offers you a little more control.
So we’re back here in YouTube and we go to ‘Embed’ this time and then click ‘Show
more.’ You’ve got a number of controls down here and the first thing is, by default,
this ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’ is checked.
We want to uncheck that; what that’s doing is at the end of your video, it’ll go back
to your thumbnail instead of going and suggesting some videos from other people. I’m not sure
why you’d want to have that running on your website – suggesting other people’s videos
on YouTube. You can also turn the player controls on and
off, so this is kind of across the bottom, whether you want to turn off – whether the
viewer wants to turn off closed captioning or jump forward.
Also the title and actions across the top of the screen – you can turn those off,
so you can see that’s now missing. ‘Enable privacy enhanced mode’ – this
has to do with information that YouTube is collecting from visitors to your website.
I am going to just leave the player controls on, and now you go up here to this code and
right-click on it. First you will select all – highlights that whole thing – and then
copy, and then back to WordPress, and this time you have to paste this. If you paste
it on the visual side, nothing’s going to happen. It’s just going to paste that information.
That’s not how you do it. So you go over here to the text and you paste
it on ‘Text’ – and then if we go back to the visual, you’re going to see the little
box that is created. So there’s a number of options. You can
create different sizes and there’s one more thing I want to point out. This is kind of
a bonus piece here. This isn’t something that is obvious – they don’t have a check
mark for this in YouTube, but if you go right after this question mark, type in autoplay=1
and then a semi-colon, that will make this video play as soon as someone hits this webpage.
Putting video on your website is a great idea, especially if you want people to really connect
with your personality. If you want to add online video to your business, I’d love
to help! Just click here to head on over to my website and there’ll be wonderful amounts
of information and a way that you can get in touch with me.

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85 thoughts on “How to add video to your WordPress website

  1. I've used this video before to embed a video on my website, but today it is not working. After I add the embedded code from Youtube, the visual of wordpress gives me nothing but the same code string. The current code string of my videos no long has a question mark in it so I can add the code you suggest.

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  3. What a great video. I've wanted to know that for awhile. So this a great for affiliate marketing is what you are saying, unless it states it in the text, right?

  4. Hi, I am trying to embed a video right on the homepage of a wordpress website. I am not sure where to go on the dashboard to do so. there is an existing video that is already there that I would like to replace. could you please show me the steps? Thank you

  5. I have a question. I have a license/registration for DJ. (rookie) and can actually use music or remix music. I have made creative commons type video's (music with animation) but keep getting copyright infringement notices from YouTube/Vimeo until I actually dispute the claim. Can having a VideoCraft or WordPress Web/Blog help eliminate that pesky middle management screening process? I know where my documentation is filed but the middle management just flags at will or screening.

  6. I tried that with my wordpress sie. Still, what ever I did I always got full size image on my page. How can i control the size?

  7. The problem is that youtube is banned in some countries like China. and i have 400 videos in my website. what is sollution?

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  9. Thanks! I have uploaded, but it is not displaying the whole video; it has cropped it, so that the person is positioned to one side.

    How do I fix that?The client did record in 16:9 widescreen…

  10. I need help creating a website… And the next page will be a capture page.. And the next page will be a payment page… And the next page will be copyright protected video page where people can't steal my contents.. Point me in the right direction please.. Thanks.

  11. i need help with resizing the video….i want it to be of the same size as the recomended videos on youtube(the ones on the right hand side)

  12. Perfect! Exactly what I needed! Only obstacle I'm running into is I can't move the video to the right side of my page (I can only move it so far & I'm just guessing where it will end up.) The auto play tip was awesome! Thanks for posting & any help would be great! My website is

  13. Awesome. The video wasn't popping up in the visual, it wouldn't even paste. I went in to the text section, and it pasted, but still didn't create the video. However when I previewed the blog, it came up. Thanks!!

  14. Just found your channel, was trying to updoad a video by your instructions but there is no "embed" option on my video in the same spot you show . any ideas? thanks, Paul

  15. So I found how to embed, it is now under the share button in options. but they seem to have removed the off button box "show suggested videos" so it just auto shows more videos after ours plays. 🙁

  16. i pasted the link but its still active.. how to i make it disables so the link or url , does not appear on me excerpts ?

  17. Hi Brighton! Great video on "How to add video to your WordPress." I followed the instructions and all went well. The problem is the video is display in admin mode, but when I press preview changes the video will not display; all I get back is copy. I've went as far as posting the copy to see if that would work; nothing. Please help…

  18. I'm able to see my video in wordpress but when I preview it on the site the video doesn't show up. I'm so confused…

  19. the autoplay technique you showed did not work on my pro level wordpress page. I saw the same technique on another video and it just is not working for me.

  20. Hi, This video is awesome. But instead of all these technical stuff to adding the complete youtube iFrame, you can install "WP YouTube Video Optimizer" plugin to optimize the video on your WordPress website and help you maintain/optimize the performance of your website even when you have so many youtube videos to embed on your website. Link:

  21. Hey Man please help me. I have a problem that is i am unable to post a video which i have selected to my PC. After updating the video is not showing in my wordpress website even at Local host. Title works but video would be showed after clicking on that particular title rather i want the video to be shown right after the title in wordpress website. Please help !!

  22. Do you need a special wordpress plan for this? So many posts about this but none of them say what kind of plan you need or wether this is a free option

  23. when i am uploading a video it keeps giving this message
    "1 file could not be uploaded because your site does not support video files. Upgrade to a premium plan for video support. " please what to do?

  24. great but like most to torials it never shows placing and how to save .
    hear back shortly warmly Johannes stoppels

    This simply means i love helping others like you hpdcadippnlp

  25. OMGOSH I LOVE YOU – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. new on wordpress and I'm struggling. lol I've subscribe. Im definitely going to share your link when Im finally done my website.

  26. No… I do not want to add "Youtube video" I want to add a personal video…uugggggh. A thousand videos of the same lesson.

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