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– Marketing and running a business is about having a good deal on your media, spend your efforts and your
time, not if something’s– Yeah! You got your perspective. (crowd cheers) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (upbeat music) Hey vlog, this Sasha group thing is just gonna be really fun. Like, the great pleasure
of my professional career was helping build a
business for my parents. Obviously in the micro of that was building a small business. And guess what, building Vayner
Media’s a small business, zero to 200 million,
that’s a small business. It’s really hard to help small businesses spend a 100,000 a year ’cause they’re scared
shitless to spend 100,000. It is a lot to spend when you’re like taking home 80,000 in your salary but a lot of them are spending 72,000 on Google and direct
mail and the Yellow Pages and the Chamber of Commerce
and all this stuff that, it’s not dead, it’s just not a good deal. Gonna make a little clip here
but you can keep in the vlog. There’s a big difference
between something being dead and something not being a good deal. The actions you’re running
your business with, whether it’s Yellow Pages or direct mail or even Google AdWords for a lot of people is not a good deal
anymore as it used to be. To me when I think about marketing or what I’m about or why I’m pushing you to post organic content
on Instagram right now and run ads on Instagram is
’cause I think in nine years Instagram’s not gonna be a good deal. It’ll still be here, guess
what, Myspace is still here. Marketing and running a business is about having a good deal on your media, spend your efforts and your time, not if something’s dead or alive. This is in the margins,
this is in the arbitrage. Is it worth it today, February, 2019? Are your actions worth it today? Or did they work in 2003 and you’re just on that repetitive shit. ♪ Beat business in your ear ♪ (“Dream” by Nevrmind) ♪ I got a dream, fuck I just say ♪ ♪ Better for Lee, drip on fleek ♪ ♪ I got dream, yeah yeah, I got a dream ♪ ♪ I got dream, yeah yeah, I got a dream ♪ – [Announcer] Gary Vaynerchuck,
CEO and founder of VaynerX, Anda Gansca, CEO and founder of Knotch, and Stacy Taffet, Vice President of Hydration Marketing at Pepsi. – Thanks, thanks for having us. So, from my standpoint it’s
like, why wouldn’t you use tools that are available to you
to drive your business? Social to me is a slang term
for the current state of where people spend their
time on the internet, which is all about attention, right, like what’s the purpose of these ads? Like, awareness or attention is, that’s the best part about
the Superbowl, right? It is going to get consumed, whether on YouTube the week before, whether during the game,
whether the next day, this is going to get
consumed, so that’s exciting. I actually think brands
should really consider not showing it on YouTube, like, for five years I was all
about showing it on YouTube and now I’m wondering if for
next year maybe they shouldn’t because some of the surprise elements are being eliminated during the game and I’m just kind of like
feeling like, is this the moment? Like, is this a tipping point
where you want to pull back? But it all leads to the
biggest punchline which is, these are businesses that
are trying to drive business and this is one of the
opportunities at their disposal. This is a cultural event,
we’re having an event, a business event, around it. We don’t do that for the Grammys or the Oscars or the NBA Finals. So to me, what do I think about it? I think anybody who doesn’t have a robust strategy to do creative
and media amplification on the platforms that
dominate our mobile devices is in outer space in 2019. – Does creative really matter, you know, for the the Super Bowl? – Creative is the variable of success. Did it inspire or make you think that you want to consider
and then buy these products? So, you know, a lot of people know that I have a big passion
for volume of content, quantity, which our industry
believes means not quality which I think is silly, but I, for the whole decade
that I’ve been in this industry, continue to preach that the
creative is the variable so yes, I do believe it. – Super Bowl ads, one final point, Gary. – Buy them. (laughs) ♪ They don’t wanna mess with me ♪ ♪ I told ’em that carefully, ♪ ♪ I swear they be testin’
me, pull up in that ‘Rari ♪ – Solid day, this was fun. Always love talking about advertising. Excited to see how you
post produce it, brother. Welcome, welcome, officially and we’ll see tomorrow, it’s what we do. Hey guys, thank you so much for watching my video on YouTube. I wanted to jump in here at the end because I’m working on a
ridiculously important project for me and I have a funny
feeling you can help. If you drink wine at all or know anybody that drinks wine at all please go to right now and sign up for a subscription. Whether it’s a three pack,
whether it’s a six pack, or whether it’s a whole
case of each for the year, if you drink 36 bottles of wine a year or give away 36 bottles of wine a year please sign up for Club Empathy. This project means the world to me, I could really use your support. (“Dream” by Nevrmind)

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98 thoughts on “How to Advertise a Small Business | DailyVee 537

  1. Gary, I usually love your content, but this video was trash after about 2 min. What does the Superbowl and the SB ads have to do with small business advertising?

  2. Big fan my guy. Really love the clip in the middle there love how you telling people social media is just the term for where attention is at right now & how underpriced all that is. Looking to start a huge business in the coming months a 19 year old passionate king instagram account @cutbosses would appreciate anything?

  3. notice a lot of youtubers using this montage intro now the same way other youtubers are calling everyone 'fam'

    I run a micro business in the UK, the cost of adwords/sense do not make the money only Instagram and facebook, generate leads not sales but definitely clicks

  4. Biggest mistake I made was I pretended to a be a "big"" business when I was actually a small business. Don't be afraid to advertise that you are a small business, people will feel a better connection with you when you are a small business.

  5. I co-founded a national video production company which covers the biggest high school sporting events in the country on a weekly basis, but our social media presence is not big enough to book lots of games. We started in MA but are working on a national schedule for the '19 – '20 season. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (@hsgameday on instagram)

  6. OMG !! Gary's advices are always so GENUINE and helpful. I admire this man so much !

    If you're someone who feels the same. I've made a SHORT FILM about him on my channel. You will DEFINITELY enjoy it. Do stop by and get some value from it champ ! 🙂 ?

  7. Business owners demand a lot more advertising and marketing options. The marketplace is so saturated. Don't you think?

  8. This could be 100% applied to all aspects of business, not just your advertising. Are you doing it bc it’s repetition, or are you doing it bc it works?

  9. Just wanted to say that this edit was very different than all of other Gary’s vids on this channel and I vibed with it more. Great job. Who is the editor/videographer?

  10. For someone who hasn't had anything resembling a small business for at least a decade, Gary purports to have a lot of knowledge about them. The landscape has changed so much regarding them yet he somehow knows what's effective for them, weird.

  11. Fantástico, a pesar de estar en inglés es genial que gente como GV que ya están allá arriba nos den consejos a los que venimos desde abajo, personalmente uso Fb ads e instagram para crecer mi negocio junto con un funnel sales offline bien definido para cada etapa, recomiendo a todos los que inician que aprendan FB Ads y estrategias de retargeting. ¡Buen día!

  12. I LOVE THIS CONTENT!!! He is the man!!!! I’ve taken all of his advice in wrote it down over and over and now I will become a millionaire! I even made a YouTube channel to better explain what he means in specifics, follow my progress!!! I have 3 videos out now briefly describing some money rules. I would love some support and feedback so hit subscribe and tell me what you think! Thank you!

  13. not a hater but just want to know who's paying you to get your wrap, swag truthfully… just seems a sale somehow

  14. I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights because I have been working on starting on my first business. I have this hunger to make it successful. I will make this business be the best in my city and then nation wide. I’m addicted to the journey. So far love it. Sometimes I don’t eat or sleep but I don’t care it’s going to be worth it. Y’all will hear about me soon. Thank you Gary Vaynerchuk you gave me the energy to get off my ass and get shit done.

  15. I can not stop watching @GaryVee He has inspired me to retake and upload new content with a better perspective of what I wanted. After reading his book #Crushingit has helped me to a lot it has become one of my favorite books. Please check my #Youtube channel which is inspired tricks based on his book and tell me if you like my content and do not forget to like and subscribe.

  16. A little short when it seems like lot’s of meat from the event. Someone from Gary’s team choosing an early evening over hustle? Extremely rare to have that feeling fortunately?❤️?

  17. KAYOO! Just dropped my first youtube video you have to peep! Setting Guinness word records, GRAPE GREATNESS, music, and GANG!! LETS GO!!!! KAYOO! GaryVee your a monster!

  18. I spend over 100K on advertising to make 50K net a year, and my accountant thinks that is foolish. I told him that replaced my 9-5 job income and that what matters.

  19. Hola!! Estoy iniciando mi canal sobre negocios y temas inmobiliarios 🙂 visítenme y creemos una buena comunidad!! EXCELENTES VIDEOS DE GARY VEE GRACIAS POR INSPIRAR 🙂 ??

  20. Hi
    If you are looking for a websites/web app for your business. Check out this guy I did it with him and I didn't regret it.

  21. "Creative is the variable of success." It really pays to be innovative with your resources and at this day and age, our resource is the Internet. And the Internet is ever-growing, ever-changing. And those who adapt win!

  22. I cry a tear every time GV mentions IG ads because my product always gets rejected by FB and IG due to it being "related to tobacco products and accessories". He's right though, these hurdles in the cannabis industry force me to be creative and innovative with my sales and marketing.

  23. Gary, i give away 36 bottles a year but cant buy Empathy because Im in PR. Change laws Gary. What’s not good for business is not good for Puerto Rico. PR needs new business for their economy. Make that argument. Get good and making win-win’s to change legislation. You want to change the world? Get better at persuading lawmakers. Where is their attention? Holla’, ill be your first 3 customers.

  24. Let me guess . Buy Facebook ads right ?
    This huckster works for Facebook pushing ads packaging it as “ motivation “ and “ killin it “
    This guy is shit

  25. CONTENT IS KING! I have been hard at Driving content with value! THANKS TO GARY V! PROOF HIS SHIT WORKS: go to google TYPE IN: " Rain leak detection Los Angeles", we are dominating this space.
    We generated over 100k in revenue last month off our content efforts just for those keywords. This is owning the best real estate on Google for FREE!
    The secret folks, find a niche in your industry, hit that hard with blogs, photos and video! post that shit on your word press and don't fucking stop!

  26. I follow and watch a lot of Gary V, super inspiring stuff! one important comment to the editors – the music/sound volume differences are harsh!

  27. "Don't you wana be happy"… happiness is not a constant. Your money and "success" will likely be the opposite of that if you focus all your attention on it. It's quite sad when a man like this amassed a following based around business, money and power when it's clearly been proven that these don't make people feel ok. Suicide is still going up, so is depression. Stop chasing his truth and find yours.

  28. Joe Carrier
    What Up Gary Vee? It's Joe Carrier I know I said if you didn't reply then fuck it cuz that you actually replied was enough…but I also said I do what I gotta do when I gotta do it….I personally know the owner of Trademark along with personally motivations your getting into the Cannabis industry along with a entrepreneur so I feel that there's something that needs to be done between us three You Me and the actually owner…..lastly before thinking fuck Joe I will just direct contact the actually owner. To that I would say fair enough but since I was the one that contracted and presented the business opportunity only a dick would do that.haha thanks for reading.

  29. Hey Gary, i just got hooked onto your videos for last 12 hours straight. Until yesterday, i didn’t even know that someone like you exist. This is my first ever comment on any youtube channel, so it’s really special. I have never connected so intensely with any you-tuber or entrepreneur like this before.

    I will start with an opportunity to grab your attention, I am an entrepreneur with the passion and capability to build the next billion dollar business while still being a nice guy in town.

    I have a startup called, “PARTY HUNT”, an online platform to find nearby live-music events. I am on a mission to make everyone dance. It’s currently available only in Goa, India. I got 12k users from 90+ nations in first 4 months with almost no investment. I did everything, design, code, social media, finance, legal, sales, marketing, single-handedly with the help of few volunteers..

    You are tricking businesses to become more nice and i am bringing nice people together to create a business. We can speed up the process of bridging the gap between nice people and businesses to change the world inside-out by working from both ends. I would like you to become the angel investor of my startup. I will be waiting to hear from you.

    Thank you for your time to read this.

    Rachit Rawat
    Email ID: [email protected]
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  30. Great Video as always. You can advertise a turd but its still a turd. A good product never dies and eventually will sell itself.

  31. Hey.. Congrats for your video!
    We have launched the invite-only Video editing and post-production service. This are some examples
    Let us know if we can be helpfull

  32. Hi Folks – This is by far the best and most affordable way to advertise. Create an ad, and your ad pops up on all major social media. So cool.

  33. Amazing advice right here! I started using your instagram advice for my small business, by using Igrocket com to get my followers up I have doubled the sales to my little Etsy business. You're the best Gary!

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